• It’s important to make time to spend quality time with one’s spouse. Thanks for sharing these tips and ideas for making it fun!

  • Stephanie Bishop

    We do what we gotta do to keep the flame alive- especially during this busy season. You go girl! 😉

  • Hahaha, made me chuckle big time pas-mas. You’re creative my dear but I agree dating doesn’t stop when you get married it should continue.

  • Massages and Breakfast in Bed are the best thing ever! It’s only 20 days until Christmas!

  • I love all these and makes me miss my fiancé so bad! Breakfast in bed is my favorite lol he knows how to spoil me.

  • I agree, my husband has had a long term back injury, that, the kids and just business get in the way…but I really want to stop that from happening.

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