• Jaime Nicole

    I love the idea of creating a vision board. I need to make my goals more real and visible – it is so easy to let things slide.

  • I also have highs and lows in running. It’s really important to go for doable goals and not quitting after each road bumps.

  • Never thought about creating a vision board. Great advice! I’m finally going to get a trainer. I have a huge problem with consistency. I yearn to have a healthy heart. I was born with a minor heart problem so when I overwork myself I experience chest pain. I know getting my act together and getting an accountability partner will help out so much. Glad you have came such a long way, lovely! You deserve to be happy!

    PS we should do a dance class together 😉

  • I wanna be a beast… I need to do something. I’m so out of shape its ridiculous. I wanna slim down and get fit for jogging. COSPLAY SEASON IS COMING!!

  • Shana Lee

    Setting achievable goals are very important. This motto can be used in everyday life.

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