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What IS “the crunchy mommy”?

In the traditional sense, a crunchy mommy is a granola mom. You know, the moms that people consider to be hippies. They make their own soap (which I do), lotions (yep, that too), breastfeed (uh-huh), baby wear (firm believer) and so much more. But I’m here breaking that stereotype. Yes, I am a ‘crunchy mommy’ but there’s way more to me than that! Like many moms, I wear multiple hats: mom, wife, friend, daughter, entrepreneur. This site is designed to cater to the many roles that we as moms and parents have.

Why thecrunchymommy.com?

Welp, this isn’t my first time blogging or having a site. I’ve had ‘Rants Of A Wild Child’ in my early 20s, ‘aaronica unlocked’ after that, ‘the mommy memoirs’, and a couple more. As I’ve grown and developed so has my platform. Now as a WAHM and wife, I’m finding myself in a different area with different interests. I’m no longer the loose cannonball that parties all the time or a single mother. I’m a happily married mom of 2 and I LOVE my life! But it isn’t easy so like my other sites, this one is here to share personal experience coupled with tips/tricks/best practices and other pertinent topics.

Me, in a nutshell:

  • I’m pro-breastfeeding and baby wearing. I believe in baby-led weaning, schedules, etc.
  • I love being a mom though it’s super hard.
  • I married the man of my dreams who is an incredible father and husband.
  • I started making my own body butters because both my girls have eczema and I didn’t want to put harsh steroid creams on them.
  • I love sparkly things. Like really love.
  • And make up and nail polish and fashion
  • Graduate of Spelman College
  • Have a BA in Psychology (which I use on my kids, ha!) & an MBA concentrating in Marketing (which I use on my business!)

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