Hi! I’m Aaronica.

What IS “the crunchy mommy”?

In the traditional sense, a crunchy mommy is a granola mom. You know, the moms that people consider to be hippies. They make their own soap (which I do), lotions (yep, that too), breastfeed (uh-huh), baby wear (firm believer) and so much more. But I’m here breaking that stereotype. Yes, I am a ‘crunchy mommy’ but there’s way more to me than that! Like many moms, I wear multiple hats: mom, wife, friend, daughter, entrepreneur. This site is designed to cater to the many roles that we as moms and parents have.

Why thecrunchymommy.com?

Welp, this isn’t my first time blogging or having a site. I’ve had ‘Rants Of A Wild Child’ in my early 20s, ‘aaronica unlocked’ after that, ‘the mommy memoirs’, and a couple more. As I’ve grown and developed so has my platform. Now as a WAHM and wife, I’m finding myself in a different area with different interests. I’m no longer the loose cannonball that parties all the time or a single mother. I’m a happily married mom of 3 and I LOVE my life! But it isn’t easy so like my other sites, this one is here to share personal experience coupled with tips/tricks/best practices and other pertinent topics.

In 2018, TheCrunchyMommy.com was nominated for both Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Parenting Blog. We won Best Parenting Blog from ShiftCon!!! Yep! We’re an award-winning blog now!

Me, in a nutshell:

  • I’m pro-breastfeeding and baby wearing. I believe in baby-led weaning, schedules, etc.
  • I love being a mom though it’s super hard.
  • I married the man of my dreams who is an incredible father and husband.
  • I started making my own body butters because both my girls have eczema and I didn’t want to put harsh steroid creams on them.
  • I love sparkly things. Like really love.
  • And make up and nail polish and fashion
  • I have another blog The Needle And The Belle where I share (and sell) pieces of clothing that I’ve made
  • Graduate of Spelman College
  • Have a BA in Psychology (which I use on my kids, ha!) & an MBA concentrating in Marketing (which I use on my business!)

Where I’ve been featured:

LTYM AtlantaFlipboard InterviewVoyageATLThe KitchnNorth Carolina Blogger Network – Linkcouture GURVI

Where you can find me writing:

AwesomelyTechieHuffington PostTodayBlack Moms Blog – AaronicaCole.meThe Needle And The Belle

Past Speaking Engagements

BlogLifeU 2017 – Maximizing Productivity in Minimum Time
ShiftCon 2018 – Buying Organic on a Budget, Keynote Panel Discussion on Healing the Community Through Food
BlogLifeU 2018 – Manifesting More In Less Time
WOW Summit 2019 – Maintaining Authenticity on Instagram; Panelist on Creating Romance In Your Marriage After Kids
Megaphone 2019 – Developing and Maintaining Your Blog Voices
WOW Summit 2019 – Panel on How To Make Money As a Blogger, Manifesting More In Less Time
ShiftCon 2019 – The Gentle Green Movement, Panelist with the OTA about Lobbying for The Farm Bill
Blissdom 2019 – The Business Side of Blogging

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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