Embracing Womanhood

Adulting Is Hard

Especially when you’re trying to do it the responsible way.

Some days I sit and think back to all the things I did before REAL adulthood set in–using rent money to party, bills money to drink, spent my free time drinking wine laid out on the grass in a park… But then I got pregnant and the REAL adulting began. No more skipping bills no matter how much more I would rather have new shoes than lights. No more avoiding car registrations because you don’t have time to head to the office and sit there and wait (ok, I still struggle with this one). Being a responsible adult is HARD–especially when you have little people watching and remembering every little move you make.

Now that I have a kindergartener, a one year old, and am a wife, there are some things that I wish people would have told me about……or written a “How-To” guide for or something!!!

Calls from the school…

Yep, mini has been in school for 2 weeks and I’ve already gotten two calls from the school. Not having gone through this before, when I got them I wasn’t sure what my reaction was supposed to be. She’s clumsy (she gets it honest) and managed to get hurt her first day of PE. sighAm I supposed to run up there and take her home? Do I just let it ride out? What do I do? After the second call, I was convinced they were going to have me on speed dial.

Waking up on time…

I sucked at this as a child and have continued not doing so well as an adult but now that I have the threat of mini missing the school bus on me, I can no longer suck at it. And you know what? That sucks too. The bus comes SUUUUUPER early. Like at an unnatural time to be awake. But somehow everyday, all the kids are out there looking bright eyed and bushy tailed while we adults are looking like “Why God, why?” But you know what’s worse than waking up on time and making the bus? Missing the bus and school traffic. Now THAT is cry-worthy.


no… seriously… this happens

Handling the finances…

I handle all of our finances. So that means I set up our budget (blow our budget–I’m a work in progress), manage our accounts, pay our bills, and make sure that we somehow stick to it. This blows. Majorly. Mainly because we have one income right now which means that I can’t really afford to get lost in Target with a cart and my debit card. But this also means that I’m the one who has to make sure that all of our bills get paid because having a nice house (or not if I don’t pay for it) with no AC in this hades-esque weather is not cool–literally. I can’t blow our monies on fun stuff like vacations or new cars and stuff–not that we can afford that either but it would sure be more fun than what we’re spending it on.

No more potty mouth…

I’m a New Yorker and I curse like a sailor. It had gotten so bad that I thought mini’s first word was going to be “F—“. It wasn’t, it was mama but whatever. I have somehow reverted back to my potty mouth ways and with abc learning so quickly, I’m pretty sure that she’ll be dropping “sh–” at some point in time–which should go over well with my sanctified in-laws. But now that I’m a mom of two little girls and wife of a PK, I’ve reeeeeeeeeally gotta lose the potty mouth. Or at least control it better for adult-only events with other proud potty mouths.

Taking care of your health…

I can no longer only focus on trying to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse (which I’m legit afraid of) or just trying to look good naked (since that got me where I am giggle). Mini told me that she wants me to be around for forever and unless I somehow manage to make abc hate me (which she will when I take my boobs back), I’m sure she’ll want her cool mom around as well. This means I’ve got to make sure that I’m eating right, exercising well, and making sure I don’t tear my toes off with random mops in the bathroom. And yes, that almost happened. Binge drinking, late nights at Taco Bell, and all night partying has been traded in for gallons of water daily, Sunday’s at Trader Joe’s with meal plans, and a membership at a fancy gym. Yay.

Adulting is hard but at least I can still have as many boxes of cereal open as I want. And no, they aren’t Kashi.


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