Author: Aaronica

Finding the Words

I think I’ve always loved writing but I never really wrote till I became an adult. And as an adult, I’ve struggled with writing because I never thought that people would care what I have to say and I didn’t really think I was...

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Holiday Season

I looooooove the holidays. This is truly my favorite season. Growing up, this was normally the only time I got to see my extended family. Though I always felt out of place, I was always so happy to see them. And now I have a...

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The Ugly Truth of Racism

Tonight I stared my babies in the eyes and saw their beauty and potential staring back at me. Mini is this wonderful, quick-witted, strong willed, stunning little girl who has the energy of an unbroken stallion. And my abc…...

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Sick day really means sick day

abc has a little cold. It sucks. When they’re this little (I think she’s almost 16 weeks? I’m terrible at this) the only thing you can give them is snuggles and their boob (or bottle). We got in from Nana’s house late last...

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Moms cry

Like a lot. I think I cry more now than I ever did as a child. That may be an exaggeration as I sit here trying to hold my tears in now. Raising a preschooler is hard. Raising one while having an infant and fresh marriage is...

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Aaronica Cole is the mom behind The Crunchy Mommy which is the practically green guide for millennial moms on-the-go. The goal of the site is to give moms a space that they can feel like they're the amazing people they are while saving the world with on green tip at a time.


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