Author: Aaronica

i’m back at work

hence my lack of writing. instead of writing and really fine tuning my craft, i opted to spend time snuggling with my baby before i returned to work. it’s been 2 days and i think we’re good. i haven’t freaked out–well, outside...

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play date fun

when you become a parent, you learn that play dates are part of the plan. now, my oldest daughter has had plenty of “play dates”. i use this term loosely because they are dates in which my daughter played but they were with my...

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equipped with new equipment

during yesterday’s postpartum doctor’s appointment i was given the all clear to resume my normal activities. after the awkward moment where my doc told me that i needed to make sure to use condoms during “all normal activities”...

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sunday = goal setting day

i’ve been home with abc for a month now. i’ve loved every minute of it. unlike most, i really love this newborn phase. they do so much growing during this time and i really enjoy the snuggling. but even though my (awesome and...

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Aaronica Cole is the mom behind The Crunchy Mommy which is the practically green guide for millennial moms on-the-go. The goal of the site is to give moms a space that they can feel like they're the amazing people they are while saving the world with on green tip at a time.


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