Saving For Summer Camp — A How To Guide

Are you ready to make sure your kids (and your bank accounts) have the summer of their dreams? Check out these incredible tips on saving for summer camp that are sure to make your budgets a breeze.

Last week Christine talked about the summer camp mom guilt she felt when looking at the prices for the programs her daughter wanted to attend. While my little isn’t quite there yet, I’m already mentally preparing and saving for summer camp. Friends and family have already shared some of the costs for kids activities so … Read moreSaving For Summer Camp — A How To Guide

#NationalSmallBusinessWeek: Say Yes To You

Everyone knows someone is real estate. There’s a very low barrier to entry and when done correctly, it’s such a profitable business. In Georgia, you take a 75 hour course either in person or online; take a test; find a broker. I completed the entire process in six weeks and paid less than $1,000. Competing … Read more#NationalSmallBusinessWeek: Say Yes To You