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Learning To Swim With British Swim School

My first job as a teen was as a lifeguard and swim instructor. I still have fond memories of working with the summer camps and seeing how much the kids had learned each year. I was also a competitive swimmer growing up and new that my kids would have to love the water like I did. When Mini was born, I had her in the water as soon is it was warm enough to have her in the pool. This baby LOVED the water!

Swim Lessons Or Nah?

I’ve always been hesitant about putting my kids in swim classes. Mini responded so well to being in the water with me for the first 3 years that I wasn’t sure if we needed lessons. I enrolled her in a local swim class and underwhelmed was an understatement. She basically learned nothing and wasn’t challenged. I was discouraged but when Abc came along, things changed. She was one of the kids that latches on to the parent and I knew that had to change. When I was approached by the British Swim School in Atlanta about working together, I was a little hesitant because I didn’t want to waste my time. It hasn’t been a waste of time by any means.

Having the girls take swim lessons with British Swim School was one of the best decisions for them to develop this life skill that they need!

British Swim School

Impressed is definitely an understatement on how I feel after having my kids in classes for a month here.

The Structure

When enrolling your child in British Swim School, you answer some questions about their abilities to place them into the class that they’ll not only feel comfortable in but will also provide a bit of a challenge. They have super beginner classes that start at Tadpoles and work their way up to Sharks–they even offer Adult and Private classes! After taking the questionnaire, we determined that I had a Young Minow with Abc and a Turtle II with Mini. Each of our classes are 30 minutes long with 25 minutes of focused work and 5 minutes of free play.

The Teachers

At this phase of the game of life I’ve learned that all teachers aren’t created equally. And I’ve also learned that British Swim School does a great job in hiring their teachers. I was a pretty good swim instructor when I was younger so my expectations were high. I was specifically looking for a couple of things here:

  • How they interacted with my children at their different comfort levels
  • How they challenged them
  • How they comforted them when things were difficult

As a “crunchier” mommy, I believe in nurturing kids through difficulties. I think hugs and snuggles are always appropriate with tears along with encouraging words. So do they.

Having the girls take swim lessons with British Swim School was one of the best decisions for them to develop this life skill that they need!

My Experience

If I gush about my experience, trust that it’s on purpose. The past month my kids have been having an amazing time with British Swim School! The owner, Jeff, sends his own children through the program which is reassuring as a parent. But the growth that I’ve seen in my kids in the water? Amazing. Like I said earlier, Abc was always kind of hesitant in the water with me. She never quite enjoyed the water. Now? A different child. She’s ready to jump in the water, go down the slide and really have independence in the water. I was prepared for her to be more difficult but she got promoted from Young Minow to Minow within 2 weeks.

Mini has flourished as well! While she could swim a lap non-stop since last summer, she’s learned backstroke, how to breathe on her side during freestyle, and has finally stopped looking like she’s drowning when she’s swimming. Her kicking has really changed and made all the difference in her speed. Oh, and she’s learning to dive! Proud mama here! Her teacher even says that she’s ready for a swim team!

Having the girls take swim lessons with British Swim School was one of the best decisions for them to develop this life skill that they need!

Mommy’s little backstrokers!

I’ve appreciated this incredible learning environment that offers both a bit of a challenge and comfort for my kids. We’re ready for summer!

Interested in getting your kids in the pool? Find out more by visiting to find the location nearest to you!


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