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    The Crunchy Mommy’s Pot Roast Recipe

    When you think of comfort food, what comes to mind? I always think of one of my favorite recipes my mom made us growing up--Pot Roast!

    This is a sponsored post on behalf of Red Gold Tomatoes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    Growing up, I’m pretty sure that all of my mom’s meals were my favorite. Now as a mom myself, many of these recipes are in my arsenal to feed my own family.

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    Couponing: My Adventure In Money Saving Failure

    When Extreme Couponing came on whatever channel it was on, I, like everyone else, was fully engaged in the show. Watching these people cut coupons then go into a store and rack up a bill that was in the hundreds only to have the store owing them money was amazing to me. During this time it wasn’t in my time budget to coupon clip and look at circulars. But when I was on maternity leave with baby #2, I thought I’d take a stab at it as a means of saving money for my family.

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    The Crunchy Mommy’s Guide To Recession Proof Your Life

    Unless you’ve been dancing to the newest CardiB album under a rock like me, you already know that the recession is coming. Is it here yet? Nope. Is it definitely coming? The official financial analysts that seem to know all the things about finances seem to agree that come the fourth quarter of 2019 to the end of 2020, we will see yet another recession hit our economy. But it’s not here yet so you still have time to recession-proof your life.

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    Kid-Approved Delicious Deviled Egg Salad Recipe

    Egg salad is an old school dish. I've added a little spin on it with some super quality ingredients and some delicious seasoning so now my kids love it!

    This is a sponsored post on behalf of Nellie’s Free Range Eggs. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

    I have so many fond memories of egg salad sandwiches when I was a kid. I used to looooove to make sandwiches with lettuce and tomato. When I first made my own children a basic egg salad sandwich, they looked at me with utter disdain–apparently it wasn’t seasoned properly!

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    30-Minute Easy Sausage Skillet Recipe

    **This post is part of a sponsored opportunity with Refreshingly Real. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

    I have a confession: I often forget to take the frozen meat out of the freezer to defrost in time for me to make dinner. I know, what am I thinking, right? Last week I was tired of asking my husband to bring home dinner because I again forgot to take the meat out. So I pulled out this ground feta and basil chicken sausage I’d gotten from Sprouts, put it in some water and it defrosted in about an hour.

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