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    Favorite Fall Lip Colors

    Hi. My name is Aaronica and I’m a makeup junkie. There’s something about fall makeup that really excites me. I think it’s because the colors of the season are always my favorite. The rich browns, earthy burgundies, and beautiful neutrals that send my makeup spirit on a tizzy. Most day’s I can’t even decide on one of these beautiful fall lip colors!

    On Trend for Fall Lip Colors

    I think it’s the trend pretty much every fall but matte is so big right now. In my opinion, a matte lipstick or lip gloss (yes, they do make matte gloss… so oxymoronic right?) last way longer than any others and as someone who hates to reapply, this is a win-win for me. As far as colors go, think deep browns, wine-colors, and nudes. Don’t judge me but I didn’t have to shop for much this season in order to make sure that my collection was complete.

    Fall is in the air! Be on trend this season these these fall lip colors that have made it to my favorites list. Did I miss any?

    These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

    Tootsie by Coloured Raine

    This is quite literally #1 in my book. It’s a liquid matte that goes on easily and stays put for hours. It’s a beautiful brown that doesn’t have the reddish undertones—it’s just a nice brown.

    Fall is in the air! Be on trend this season these these fall lip colors that have made it to my favorites list. Did I miss any?

    Me wearing Tootsie!

    Plum by Shea Moisture

    This one isn’t as matte but still a fave of mine. It’s similar in color to Tootsie above but this has a little sheen to it and gives your lips great moisture.

    Brooklyn Thorn by NYX

    NYX is one of my favorites with it comes to lipsticks and glosses. This is a cream lipstick that is kind of like a stone color—not quite beige or gray but somewhere in between. I love this because it functions as a nude for me.

    Wine and Forever by Maybelline

    This was one of my fall faves from last year that is still alive and kicking. This lipstick is part of their 14 hour wear collection and although it doesn’t stay on for 14 hours, it’s pretty close!

    Fall is in the air! Be on trend this season these these fall lip colors that have made it to my favorites list. Did I miss any?

    Complex by Revlon Colorburst

    This is part of their matte balm lip crayon collection. When these came out, I pretty much bought all of them. They are all bae. I have to be careful with matte nudes though because I may end up looking like Tyrone Biggums—not a good look for me!

    Nudist Colony by Wet n Wild

    I love this one. This is one that stays in my purse because it goes on perfectly and matches flawlessly with a smoky eye.

    Dirty Talk by NYX

    This is part of their High Voltage Lipstick collection and is just that—high voltage color. This is a beautiful brown that isn’t quite as rich as the Tootsie but is still beautiful.

    What’s your favorite fall lipstick?

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    Eyelashes For Days

    Disclaimer: This post is sponsored though all thoughts and opinions belong to me.

    Anyone who knows me knows that my daily 3 pieces of make up that I MUST-HAVE are:

    1. BB Cream
    2. Lipgloss/Lipstick
    3. Mascara

    There’s something about these three that make you look so put together. But I wear contacts and know that not everyone can rock mascara because it can irritate their eyes. It doesn’t irritate mine BUT I’m so lazy when it comes to taking my mascara off at night I wake up looking like a raccoon! Not sexy guys, not sexy at all.

    Eyelashes frame the window to the soul so make sure they are looking good! I'm a self-proclaimed eyelash junkie but check out what Groupon got me hooked on!

    Eyelash Extensions

    One of the things that has become SO big is getting eyelash extensions! Yes, extend your eyelashes and skip over one of the steps in your daily makeup routine. Sounds like a winner and slightly expensive, right? It is. I’ve had people tell me that they’ve spent some some big bucks on this!

    But Groupon has you covered for this!! And most things to be completely honest.

    Here’s what I love most about long lashes: they make me look awake and semi-glam as I fight off the zombie-mom spells that come when one of the kids aren’t sleeping, I’m stressed, or I’d just rather hang out late with my husband. The best part about the eyelash extensions that they last way longer than mascara does!

    Now, don’t get me wrong: I will probably never depart from using mascara for long. It’s like a slight addiction for me based upon how many tubes I have. But I’ve gotten my Groupon  for my lashes and just like I told you guys about the LaCroix being on sale at Publix, I’m telling you about this awesome deal with Groupon!

    When you find out your favorite @lacroixwater is on sale at @publix… yeah I get thirsty!

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