How I Lost Weight By Slimming Down My Mindset

As we get older, weight loss gets harder and harder. But it's totally doable as is evidenced by the pants that now slide over my hips with ease. Want to know how I lost weight? Read on.

So, my old slacks fit me again.  Can we just have a moment of silence for this major accomplishment?  These weren’t even normal slacks. They were the ones with the zipper on the side and they actually slid all the way over my hips.  I did the most uncoordinated happy dance in the mirror and it … Read moreHow I Lost Weight By Slimming Down My Mindset

Snacking Happy With Deliciously Clean Cookies

As a self-professed cookie-connoisseur, I know cookies. And these cookies here? Delish!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a self-professed cookie monster. I wasn’t always one but pregnancy with abc turned me into Sesame Street’s blue monster on steroids. Like I wouldn’t just sit and eat a couple of cookies to quench the thirst for the craving. I would sit and eat an entire package of … Read moreSnacking Happy With Deliciously Clean Cookies

Making The Most of Workouts With A Complete Home Gym

Adulting can be some time consuming that you forget about yourself. Take your health to the next level with the complete home gym MOTR®.

This post is sponsored by Balanced Body® through Mom It Forward Blogger Network; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Working from home certainly has its perks. There’s flexibility with work schedule, all the healthy (or unhealthy) snacks at your disposal, and if you’re a parent, the flexibility to be “there” should your kids need … Read moreMaking The Most of Workouts With A Complete Home Gym

Life Time Fight “Night” Kickboxing Event

I hosted an event with Life Time that was a Fight “Night” Kickboxing class followed by some massages by the Life Spa. Check out the review!

I’m not shy about sharing my love affair of Life Time Fitness. I’ve been a member for what’s going on 2 years and kick myself for not joining earlier. Outside of having an amazing facility, Life Time also offers some of the most original classes with the best teachers. My favorite teacher is Moe Adams … Read moreLife Time Fight “Night” Kickboxing Event

10 Reasons You Need to Join Life Time Fitness

Thinking about joining a gym? My recommendation is Life Time Fitness. Why? Read here to find out my 10 reasons why Life Time is the place for you.

At the end of July we wrapped up the 60 day challenge. While I didn’t finish in first place, I still feel like a winner–so cliche right? But I do. I know, what place did I finish? Fifth. Ok, back to my cliche statement–I did win in other ways. The More You Know… I’ve seen … Read more10 Reasons You Need to Join Life Time Fitness

A Sweaty Good Time With Bootcamp & BBQ

Life Time Fitness hosted at Bootcamp & BBQ at various clubs throughout the US. I dragged my husband to one of them and we had a blast! The BBQ was divine!

On Saturday, July 23rd, Life Time Fitness’s all over the country celebrated bootcamps with BBQ. Full disclosure: I was completely ready to not show up but then I remembered the BBQ part and figured I HAD to come and do a taste test of the food since I have high standards (be clear I’m laughing … Read moreA Sweaty Good Time With Bootcamp & BBQ

5 Sweat-Proof Makeup For Your Workouts

I wear makeup when I workout but only the sweat-proof kind. Here are my 5 favorite pieces to get my sweat on w/while not having to sacrifice looking good.

I have a confession to make: I wear makeup when I workout. No, not a full out beat face but yes, I normally don at least 5 pieces of makeup for my sweat sesh’s. Because I’m normally on Snapchat pre, post, or during workouts, I’ve been asked what it is that I’m wearing so I’ve … Read more5 Sweat-Proof Makeup For Your Workouts

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism Now

As we get older & experience this thing called life, it can take a toll on our metabolism which isn't the greatest when trying to lose weight-but no more! These 4 tips will rev your metabolism IMMEDIATELY.

  Between babies and my poor eating habits, my metabolism has hit a slump. It’s no secret that my goal out here is to lose weight and be able to survive a zombie apocalypse–weight loss being the primary goal ha! I met with a nutritionist at Life Time that gave me some pretty simple changes … Read more4 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism Now

3 Real-Life Tips to Finding a Personal Trainer

Using a personal trainer is one of the many tools to use to attain your fitness and weight loss goals but not all trainers are made equal! Read on...

I’ve been working with personal trainers off and on for about 13 years now. Honestly speaking, sometimes I need them, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m so motivated and so driven that no one but me can even handle the desire for challenge that comes along with it. And then there’s times in my life like … Read more3 Real-Life Tips to Finding a Personal Trainer