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    A Sweaty Good Time With Bootcamp & BBQ

    On Saturday, July 23rd, Life Time Fitness’s all over the country celebrated bootcamps with BBQ. Full disclosure: I was completely ready to not show up but then I remembered the BBQ part and figured I HAD to come and do a taste test of the food since I have high standards (be clear I’m laughing as I type this). Why didn’t I want to come? I had just been at an awesome and amazing conference for 2 straight days and my mind was trying to process all of the valuable information I had just received. And I didn’t feel like sweating. Ha!

    Nonetheless, I dragged my handsome husband to do the bootcamp with me.

    Life Time Fitness hosted at Bootcamp & BBQ at various clubs throughout the US. I dragged my husband to one of them and we had a blast! The BBQ was divine!

    The Bootcamp

    We arrived late (on purpose–I despise a warm-up!) but made it just in time to jump in for our group assignments. Naturally the hubs and I were on the same team–GO RED!!! We completed a series of absurd great moves that were a mix of both strength and cardio. We completed 3 rounds of 5 exercises where we did 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest–classic HiiT style, my fave.

    There were 3 stations and out of them all, my favorite was the one with the tires and hurdles. See, in my head I’m always training for the impending zombie apocalypse and jumping over hurdles, doing zig zag dashes, and tossing around heavy tires are all things that we would have to do in the event there was a science experiment gone wrong. Not only that, but it challenged your agility and speed–not just strength. I’m not especially fast of agile but I wasn’t the last or the most winded so I felt really good doing these.

    The BBQ

    The real reason I came. Listen, I’m a foodie and you guys already know this. I like fantastic food and delicious drinks and BBQ is my favorite. I was skeptical until I saw that there was an authentic smoker sitting poolside that had meat inside calling my name.

    Let me tell you this: the BBQ was every bit of a reward after the trainers nearly stole our lives in this bootcamp. There were hamburgers, ribs, and chicken and all were incredibly delicious. As president of Team Eat, abc left childcare to give her seal of approval on the eats enthusiastically. Although the ribs were divine, my fave was the kale salad–so cliche right?

    The Aftermath of the Bootcamp & BBQ

    There were naps. And sore muscles. And I’m excited to say that they weren’t mine! I LOVE a bootcamp style workout since I suffer from self-diagnosed exercise A.D.D. so the constant change and moving is something that I truly love. But my husband? Nope. He likes to pick heavy things up and put them down. He’s still on my team should the zombie apocalypse come but he’s going to have to get some more cardio in if he’s going to hold a leadership position! He was sore, I was not and I felt REALLY good about that!

    It was a great workout followed by some even better food but my favorite was the people. When I go to the gym, I have tunnel vision. I speak to Ceddy on occasion, Kendall when I see him, and the guys in the cafe as I fill up water or tea and that’s it. But being able to chat, cheer, and sweat with others was a lot of fun. It was great to encourage others and be encouraged by them as well. In the end, that’s what matters right? The people.

    The Final Week of The Competition

    The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly

    I’m not going to lie, last week I feel off a bit. It was my birthday week, I was stressed out, a little sad, and surrounded by free DoubleTree Cookies. Naturally I did what most of us who are letting go of self-control do–I indulged. Shamelessly. And no, I didn’t get on the scale this week. But I’m also not beating myself up. I can’t wait to share everything that I’ve learned, loved and hated throughout this competition with my recap so stay tuned!

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    5 Sweat-Proof Makeup For Your Workouts

    I have a confession to make: I wear makeup when I workout. No, not a full out beat face but yes, I normally don at least 5 pieces of makeup for my sweat sesh’s. Because I’m normally on Snapchat pre, post, or during workouts, I’ve been asked what it is that I’m wearing so I’ve put this list together!

    I wear makeup when I workout but only the sweat-proof kind. Here are my 5 favorite pieces to get my sweat on w/while not having to sacrifice looking good.

    1. Shea Moisture Foundation

    I wear makeup when I workout but only the sweat-proof kind. Here are my 5 favorite pieces to get my sweat on w/while not having to sacrifice looking good.
    I tried this out doing a post for my girl Brittany and now I wear it everyday. I mix it with a moisturizer to create my own version of a BB cream that gives my complexion a clear and even look. Now honestly speaking, because I sweat a lot, this does come off.




     2. Dr. Brandt’s XYZ Face Cream

    I wear makeup when I workout but only the sweat-proof kind. Here are my 5 favorite pieces to get my sweat on w/while not having to sacrifice looking good.I’ll be 33 in a couple days and have become obsessed with making sure I don’t look like I’m aging. I mix the Shea Moisture Foundation with this cream so that all day I’m fighting wrinkles. Plus, this moisturizer feels amazing. Nothing like my pores opening up and welcoming this in!





    3. Tarte Lip Stain

    I wear makeup when I workout but only the sweat-proof kind. Here are my 5 favorite pieces to get my sweat on w/while not having to sacrifice looking good.
    One of my oldest friends introduced me to this a couple years ago and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. I love the red because red is such a power color to me and when I’m working out, that’s exactly what I need. Plus, who doesn’t look great in a beautiful red right? The best part of this is that it doesn’t kiss, bite, or sweat off.



    4. Stila Waterproof Eye Liner

    I wear makeup when I workout but only the sweat-proof kind. Here are my 5 favorite pieces to get my sweat on w/while not having to sacrifice looking good.
    Eyeliner + Mascara + Red lippie = one amazing look. Such a simple and easy to pull off look that survives even the sweatiest of workouts.





    5. Waterproof Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

    I wear makeup when I workout but only the sweat-proof kind. Here are my 5 favorite pieces to get my sweat on w/while not having to sacrifice looking good.
    This is my favorite mascara now so I wear it everyday but I love how this doesn’t come off unless I want it to so when I’m wearing my “Muscles & Mascara” tank, I’m not worried about raccoon eyes.




    Sweat-Proof Makeup For the Win

    You know how some people get up and get dressed every day regardless of whether the leave their homes for work or not? This is the equivalent to that. While I’m not 100% comfortable with my body, that doesn’t mean that I can’t look good while I’m working towards my goals. A little bit of makeup makes the difference for me and makes me feel beautiful as I’m working on my goals.

    Do you wear makeup when you workout?

    60-Day Challenge Update

    Week 7: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

    This morning when I weigh-ed in on my scale I was officially down 15lbs since the beginning of the competition. I’m stoked. I’m gaining more and more confidence and am feeling more like I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse should it come (that IS what I’m training for after all!!). I’m paying more attention to what I’m eating and when and my cravings. I find that if I haven’t properly spaced out my eating then I all I want to do is stuff my face which is counterproductive. I’ve also found that starting my day off with some quality proteins combats my hunger.

    I wear makeup when I workout but only the sweat-proof kind. Here are my 5 favorite pieces to get my sweat on w/while not having to sacrifice looking good.

    **Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links so feel free to click away and support your girl!
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    4 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism Now


    Between babies and my poor eating habits, my metabolism has hit a slump. It’s no secret that my goal out here is to lose weight and be able to survive a zombie apocalypse–weight loss being the primary goal ha! I met with a nutritionist at Life Time that gave me some pretty simple changes that resulted in a 5lb weight loss within 1 week–and no, it wasn’t water weight.

    As we get older & experience this thing called life, it can take a toll on our metabolism which isn't the greatest when trying to lose weight-but no more! Check out these tips that caused me to lose 5lbs in one week!

    4 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

    1. Drink half your body weight in water daily.

    This one was something that I knew anyway. Most days I get a gallon in but water is so important for the weight loss journey. Hydration–especially in the summer–is crucial since your body will need to replace all the water it loses while working out. Get your water in and it’ll help get that weight out.

    Water intake goal: 1 gallon. The Hulk and Batman said they would help me. By any means necessary right?

    A photo posted by The Crunchy Mommy (@thecrunchymommy) on

    2. Set up alarms to remind you to eat.

    Working at home can sometimes throw your entire schedule off. You don’t have co-workers around eating or drinking reminding you it’s time to do so as well. There have been days where I went from 4:30am until 2pm without eating simply because I had forgotten. Set alarm with 4 hour increments reminding you to eat something.

    3. Eat clean.

    Yes, I said it as well. Eating clean is like everyone’s go-to statement when it comes to healthy eating. What does it mean? It means eat unprocessed or minimally processed foods. So things that need to be refrigerated and that can be found on the perimeter of the store at farmers markets. And no, it’s not expensive. And yes, it is rather delicious.

    Confession: I love raw string beans. I think they taste so good in their perfect, raw state!!! And yes, Hulk is still making me drink my water.

    A photo posted by The Crunchy Mommy (@thecrunchymommy) on

    4. Keep snacks handy and already portioned out.

    Fresh fruits, nuts, trailmixes, etc are all things that would be perfect for you to keep within an arms reach. Protein shakes are excellent for recovery and to have along with some hummus and veggies. The important thing here is to keep it convenient. Not everyone has the time to stop and prepare a snack (because eating clean does require preparation) so it’s good to just prepare them all at once so they’re ready to go.

    Hopping on the road for my day trip in this beautiful @mazdausa 6. Got all the important things: protein shake, water, healthy snacks.

    A photo posted by The Crunchy Mommy (@thecrunchymommy) on

    While these aren’t the only things that you can do to rev your metabolism and get it burning fat, these are 4 things that can get you started.

    What tips would you include here?

    60-Day Challenge Update

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Going into week 6 I’m feeling great. Since the last weigh-in, I dropped 5lbs and I’m really happy that the scale is moving. I’m down over 5% body fat and am incredibly proud of myself. This heat is stifling me and it’s hard to go to the gym and sweat when I walk outside and continue the sweating. I made a bet with my cousin that we could swim 450 laps this month and I’ve yet to hop in the water so I’ll be working on that for the rest of the month.

    I did a “Try It Tuesday” with Ceddy and the crew this week and it burned a lot of calories which I loved so much. And guess who’s going to be leading her own??? If you’re guess is me, that’s right! So stay tuned for when I announce that date!!!

    the crunchymommy

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    3 Real-Life Tips to Finding a Personal Trainer

    I’ve been working with personal trainers off and on for about 13 years now. Honestly speaking, sometimes I need them, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m so motivated and so driven that no one but me can even handle the desire for challenge that comes along with it. And then there’s times in my life like now where I’m just too lazy to come up with a workout that will challenge me and leave me sore for 3 weeks.

    I’ve been paired up with my choice of trainer for the 60 day challenge I’m on. I had previously trained with him and knew that he would be the perfect fit to help me achieve my goals.

    How did I know this? Because I follow my own awesome advice!

    Using a personal trainer is one of the many tools to use to attain your fitness and weight loss goals but not all trainers are made equal! Read on...

    3 Real-Life Tips to Finding Your Personal Trainer

    1. Know What Motivates You

    It’s not the same for all of us and it’s not always simple. I’m results driven. Once I see that something is working, I’m 100% committed and that’s all I need. My trainer Cedric is also results driven so he pushes me so that we both see the results that drive us. Ask yourself what makes you continue to show up to the gym. Or what is driving you to get healthy. What is your “Why?” Your trainer should be able to compliment this.

    2. Know What DOESN’T Motivate You

    There’s nothing worse than being pushed towards a goal in a way that pisses you off. I had a trainer that did a lot of talking about looking great for the opposite sex–as if I wasn’t already attractive. This did nothing but piss me off and make me not want to show up for appointments. Then I also had a trainer that hit on me when I was married (the first time). It was so sleazy and disgusting and not motivating to me. What is your anti-“Why”? Make sure your trainer doesn’t do this and respects the boundaries.

    3. Personality Style

    I’m a clown and I like to laugh a lot. I crack jokes and do so when I’m in high stress situations–like working out. Cedric is also playful and we’re able to joke together as he pushes me. While we do joke, he’s also serious when I need him to be so that I stay on task. He’s hard on me when necessary (all of the time basically) and congratulates me minimally which honestly works for me. Because of my personality type, I aim to please so when he’s happy with something that I’ve done, it pushes me to continue–even if it leaves me without the use of my upper body for half a week. And no, I did not die. While you don’t have to be BFF’s with your trainer, you should have an easy relationship. One where you feel as though they’re invested in your goals and here to see you succeed–not like you’re just another client.

    An Introduction to My Trainer, Cedric Hatchett aka Ceddy Da Supertrainer

    And yes, he really goes by his alias ha! 

    Using a personal trainer is one of the many tools to use to attain your fitness and weight loss goals but not all trainers are made equal! Read on...
    Cedric has been in the business of training people for 16 years. He hails from Chi-town originally and is no stranger to hard work and setbacks. He’s currently recovering from a surgery in his knee that hasn’t stopped him from becoming stronger. This is one of my main reasons for choosing Ceddy as my trainer. I’m ALWAYS injured and need someone who understands this like him.

    Using a personal trainer is one of the many tools to use to attain your fitness and weight loss goals but not all trainers are made equal! Read on...
    Life Time normally has 90 day challenges and in the past 2 challenges, the people that he’s coached through the programs have all had top spots in the gym. This is really something to be proud of. Check out these credentials:

    *Certified Personal Trainer (National Council for Strength and Fitness) NCSF.

    *Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy for Sports Medicine) NASM currently enrolled.

    *PTA Global Bridging Course Certified

    *Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy for Health and Fitness) NAHF

    * Additional certifications granted for: Cardiovascular Trainer, Medical Exer- Therapist.

    *Continuing education certs: Special Populations, Weight Loss Specialist

    Fitness for Women and Advanced Nutrition

    *Power Plate Certified

    *C.P.R., First-aid, AED certified (American Red Cross)

    His motto? “I’M NOT THE TRAINER YOU WANT, I’ AM THE TRAINER YOU NEED!” And I couldn’t agree with this more. If you’re in the GA area, you need to train with him.

    What do you look for in a trainer?

    60-Day Challenge Update

    Using a personal trainer is one of the many tools to use to attain your fitness and weight loss goals but not all trainers are made equal! Read on...

    Photo source: CreatHerStock Images

    The Good… The Bad… The Ugly…

    The Good: I’m dropping weight and it’s all fat!! I’m down 4lbs and have knocked 4% off my BMI soooo that means that the sweating I’m doing REALLY IS fat crying!!!

    The Bad: This week I don’t really have bad. I’ve been eating more and it’s been paying off positively.

    The Ugly: With July 4th around the corner BBQ’s and booze are on the horizon but I need to keep myself in check. I have 4 more weeks to get my goals together and NOTHING is going to stop me.


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    10 Practical Tips To Achieve Fitness Goals Now

    Every year the masses set these really awesome and pretty realistic fitness goals that include losing weight or changing their lifestyle to one that’s more healthy than what they have now. And then the middle of the year comes and the gyms aren’t as busy or you just aren’t as motivated. It happens to most of us–myself included. The middle of the year is literally around the corner and it’s a perfect time to reassess where you are now and where you want to be so that you can develop a plan to bridge that gap.

    fitKeeping your fitness goals can be difficult if you've had some hiccups along the way. Here are 10 tips to getting back and staying on track with them.

    10 Tips to Keeping Your Fitness Goals

    1. Schedule out a week of workouts on Sunday

    Make sure that you decide whether you’re working out in the morning, midday, evening and check the weather. All these will determine what workout gear you’ll need.

    2. Pick out your clothes the night before

    If you’re working out in the morning, put your clothes on the nightstand or in the bathroom so that’s one less thing you have to do when you wake up. If you’re not stopping home prior to your sparkle session, make sure everything you need is packed in your gym bag and you put it in the car.

    3. Meal plan and grocery shop

    This is huge. I know I’m no the only one thinking of my next meal–especially when I workout consistently. Keep those healthy snacks readily accessible so you don’t grab something that will derail you.

    4. Plan out your water intake

    It’s ok to have preferences. Do you like drinking from the huge gallon jug? Are straws your thing? Ice water? Doesn’t matter. Make sure that you know how you like to get your water in and plan for it.

    5. Plan your workouts

    One of my favorite things about Life Time is that they have apps for this. If you want to stay home and workout, you can follow one of their videos. If you want to take a class, it syncs with your calendar. And it helps you track your workouts completed too so you know which muscles need some time to relax.

    Keeping your fitness goals can be difficult if you've had some hiccups along the way. Here are 10 tips to getting back and staying on track with them.

    6. Have a workout buddy

    Whether this person goes to the gym with you or not, have someone that you share your workouts with that’s going to hold you accountable to them and your goals.

    7. Plan to relax

    Yes, that’s right. Relax. Rest. This time is crucial for muscle recovery and development. So often we hear about everyone in “Beast Mode”. Well, if you don’t relax and repair those muscles won’t be ready for the zombie apocalypse. My favorite way to recover is in the sauna and steam room. At Life Time, our steam room smells like eucalyptus and when you leave, you feel like you’ve had spa treatment!

    8. Mix it up

    Are you training for a marathon? Snag a spin class or go for a swim. Training for a fitness competition? Get some yoga in there. People get burnt out when things aren’t fun or interesting. Be sure to have more than 2 things you do!

    9. Join a group

    One of my favorite tools is my FitBit. The app has great competitions which has really helped me up my activity level and they have a couple of different apps that you can earn money by hitting your steps goals too!

    10. Get help when needed

    Not losing weight like you want to? Arms still not strong? Ask for help. I’m an ex-jock and having 2 babies has really made my body crazy. When I wasn’t losing weight, I got help from my personal trainer Cedric who told me about the assessments that Life Time offers. I learned a lot about the relationship of heart rate and weight loss that has helped me drop some poundage! But don’t get discouraged–get help!

    60-Day Challenge Update

    The Good… The Bad… The Ugly…

    Ok, so I haven’t weighed-in yet. Womp. Womp. I know. But I’m finishing up the DTOX program and here’s what I have to say about it: It works. So I shared on Facebook  when I drank my first shake which was pretty gross. I think chia seeds made for a yucky taste. The day I started the DTOX my body went through a shock. Like I was in the bed and couldn’t move or anything. I felt horrible! But since then, I’ve had waaaaaay more energy and have stopped making the shakes with the chia seeds lol.

    My consistency at the gym isn’t where I would like it to be though last week I did work out 5 days which I was pretty stoked about though I didn’t hit 10k steps on any of those days which tells me that though it’s great I’m working out, I need to be more active period.

    Week 3

    This begins the third week of the challenge. While it’s too late to join me in it, I’ll still be sharing what’s going on with it! We’re focusing on cardio and how to burn fat–just what I need! So naturally my focus is on getting some more cardio training in. Check out the recipes of the week and great workouts too. 

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    Recipe For Weight-Loss Success with Life Time

    “I have some clothes that are too big for me if you want them.” This statement meant to help ends up hurting so much. It’s the recognition by another that I’ve gained so much weight that I don’t fit my own anymore and I’m still battling with weight-loss. It means that it’s not just me who notices that my waistline has expanded, my thighs are bulging and my body just doesn’t fit me anymore. Before I continue I will say this: this is not fat shaming. This is not about telling myself or others that I’m not beautiful, good enough, etc because I’m fluffy. This isn’t that at all. But this is me wanting to feel better health wise.

    My “baby” will be two this August and I haven’t lost any of this “baby weight”. In fact, it’s not really baby weight at all–I didn’t gain while pregnant and after I gave birth, I was between 5-10lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. But my terrible eating habits I justified with breastfeeding caught up to me in a major way once I weaned her. Since giving birth, I’ve gained a total of almost 50lbs. FIFTY POUNDS! I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

    When I think about this weight that I’ve gained, I’m literally overcome with emotion and feelings of helplessness. I have tried to change my eating habits, exercise consistently, get my 10k steps but it’s just not enough and I’ve finally realized that I just can’t do it alone anymore. I’m lucking because my health hasn’t been affected–yet. Whenever people ask about my medical conditions they’re always surprised to find out that I don’t have high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. and I’m tired of the surprise.

    When I had mini, I dropped 60lbs pretty easily and became a runner by the time she turned 2. I did it by myself. I had no trainer. No nutritionist. What I did have was depression from my situation at the time and I needed an outlet since drowning myself with wine wasn’t a viable option as a mom to a young child. So I ran. I sweat the tears out. But now? Now I’m happy. Stressed but quite happy. And with that, I’ve realized that I can’t do it alone. I need help which is why I’ve teamed up with my health club Life Time Fitness for the 60-day Challenge.

    Recipe for Success

    Creating and following recipes is something that I’m pretty good at. Recipes are a plan of action to create something good and often delicious. Now I’m not sure if I’ll be describing myself as delicious by the end of this challenge but I will be calling myself good that’s for sure! But success takes a plan. I’ve been “winging” it long enough and am now ready to plan for the success that I want.

    I've struggled with my weight for as long as I could remember but I've finally got a recipe for weight-loss success and this is it.

    Life Time Fitness

    I’ve been a member of this health club for just over a year. I went there just to take mini swimming with a friend of hers and naturally I had to do a tour. Except they didn’t make me. I told the membership manager that I wasn’t going to sign up for this health club and gave him a long list of reasons why. He sat and listened until I was finished and then he spoke. But then he said something along the lines of “We aren’t like other gyms but when you’re ready to make a difference in your life, just come back and see me.” By the end of the conversation, I was signing here, here, and here before taking a picture for my new membership card. I was sold and a year later, I still am. Life Time Fitness is NOT a gym. Life Time Fitness is a health club that is dedicated to helping it’s members achieve a healthy lifestyle. Not just adults, kids too. And they’re family oriented. So I don’t ever feel bad leaving mini or abc in the childcare as I take 2 hours of much needed mommy time to get myself in tip top shape.

    60-Day Challenge

    Did you know that people who lose weight in a group are more likely to achieve their weight loss goals than those trying to achieve their goals by themselves? On June 17th, the challenge begins and I’ll be 1 among thousands of people looking to lose weight and increase their health. Oh, and did I mention that there’s a prize? Yeah, mama is trying to get that trip!

    D.TOXSM Program

    I've struggled with my weight for as long as I could remember but I've finally got a recipe for weight-loss success and this is it.

    I’m a huge fan of detoxifying your body and can tell when it’s time. Right now, I’m dealing with my skin breaking out, feeling sluggish and like no sleep is enough. It’s time to detox! Life Time is committed to whole body health–not just losing weight–so they have a detox program called D.TOXSM.

    D.TOXSM is a detoxification program designed to support your body’s natural detoxification system by following a restricted nutritional plan that eliminates common food allergens and hormones, taking certain nutritional supplements and observing lifestyle recommendations. Responses to the D.TOX program and elimination of potential toxins will vary based on individual characteristics.

    Please note that this is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

    Life Time Multi Performance Complex

    I've struggled with my weight for as long as I could remember but I've finally got a recipe for weight-loss success and this is it.

    Vitamins play a huge role in your body’s performance, healing and overall health. This set of vitamins have both morning and evening formula’s. The morning is formulated to give daytime energy (yessssss!!! I need this!!!) and the evening formula is designed for nighttime recovery. But they both enhance exercise, recovery and your immune system.

    Life Time Trainer

    Like I said before, the last time I lost weight, I did it without a trainer. Now this isn’t because I don’t believe in the work they do but I was at a tough time and fighting sadness was enough motivation for me. Now? I get so distracted with everything that I have going on that my workouts aren’t nearly as efficient. I’ll be training with one of the incredible trainers that Life Time has!

    Life Time Nutritionist

    Fact: You can’t out train a bad diet. And after two kids my body has changed so much that I don’t know what is good for MY body specifically. I’ve learned that the more I eat, the better my body performs and I get stronger and weigh less. I’ll be working with a nutritionist to determine what foods I should be eating for optimal health.

    Assessment Testing

    I’m not stranger to working out. In fact, I LOVE working out. But this is the heaviest I’ve been and there’s a lot that I have to learn about working out in THIS body. Life Time has a series of assessments that they use to help you work smarter towards your goals, not harder.

    So this is it. This is my recipe for weight-loss success. I’m tired of being fluffy. I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of not getting the results that I’m so desperately working to achieve. I’m tired of what I’m doing not working. And I’m ready to share my success story.

    I've struggled with my weight for as long as I could remember but I've finally got a recipe for weight-loss success and this is it.

    Do you have a weight-loss story? How did you transform?

    Keep up with me by following these hashtags on social media: #getfitwithtcm #recipeforsuccess #banthefluff #hotmombod #lifetimewithtcm #summerbodygameon