Book Review: Little Chickies (Los Pollitos)

The TCM family loves reading and we are so excited to share one of our new favorite books with you--Little Chickies (Los Pollitos) PLUS a giveaway!

At 18 months, mini was in a Montessori school that taught English and Spanish. As someone who lost their Spanish fluency just due to lack of practice, I loved that she was immersed in a language that is sure to be used more often than not in our country. Most jobs ask if you’re bilingual … Read moreBook Review: Little Chickies (Los Pollitos)

3 Things To Do Before Having Your House Cleaned

Having your house cleaned is an awesome treat for a mom. Whether you can afford for it to be done consistently or once in a while, make sure that you follow these 3 tips to make sure you're cleaning professionals are using their time most efficiently. Read more at

Having your home professionally cleaned is a luxury that everyone needs to treat themselves to at the very least annually. As a mompreneur, the things that I’ve come to love most are massages, time spent alone free to let my mind wonder, and a clean space. When you have children, it seems like you’re destined … Read more3 Things To Do Before Having Your House Cleaned

#Giveaway Alert: MICROSOFT SURFACE 3

Yay!!! It’s time for another giveaway!!! Be sure to mark your calendars for this: Giveaway Period: April 23 – July 22, 2015 Here are the deets: Microsoft – Surface 3 – 10.8″ – Intel Atom – 64GB $499.99 With the integrated Kickstand, the ability to run desktop software and touch apps, and a full-size USB … Read more#Giveaway Alert: MICROSOFT SURFACE 3