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    Fashion Fix: Dressing For the Body You Have–Not Want

    Silly me. I totally forgot that I’d wanted to include fashion tidbits on my blog!

    In my head in this awesome fashionista. I’m stylish enough for my almost 5 year old to respect my outfit decisions for her and compliment my choices but who knows how this translates into the adult world lol!

    Whenever I walk outside, I want to look well put together. Whether I’m rocking a business suit, casual, or my workout gear. Ok, maybe not my workout gear. I just can’t justify spending the type of money that allows for color coordination and cutesy looks when I’m going to cover it in sweat anyway. I digress…

    In putting together an outfit for yourself, it’s really important to dress for the body that you have–not the one you imagine you have. In my head, I’m this long, lean, pseudo-athletically built woman. And once I lose this happy/baby weight, that’s what I’ll be. But right now, I’m more curvy, thick-waisted and thighed, and I have a bit of a pooch. I’m a work in progress.

    With where I am currently, matching my skinny jeans with a fitted top that accentuates my pooch is really not going to lead me down the road of feeling good about myself and changing body. It took some time to realize that my body bouncing back after abc would not be the same as it was with mini. I’m 31 now and things just aren’t the same. So I finally gave in and decided to dress the body that I have now which ultimately meant going up a size or 2 depending on the brand.

    Admitting having to go up in my size hurts my ego. Gosh. But what I’m seeing when I look in the mirror is that the size on the tag doesn’t matter as long as I look good in them and I’m working to get where I want to be.

    So what am I wearing today?

    Today I have on a flowy, secretary blouse that is a sheer, flower print. I have on a purple tank top underneath. I’ve paired this with some stretch boyfriend cut jeans that hit at my ankle. And I’m wearing some cheetah print flats.

    I’m wearing very little accessories and makeup since I’m running this afternoon for lunch. I have on my waterproof mascara, a deep burgundy lipstick with a purple-ish gloss on top. And I have on some earrings.

    I’m comfy and feel good about what I have on because everything fits!

    What tips do you have for fashioning a transitioning body?

    My Fitness Journey: Starting Over

    I promise I’m not beating myself up. Swear. But here’s my reality:

    After I weaned mini, I dropped 60lbs and was in the best shape of my life. I had a little help with hcg shots and a super restrictive diet. But I was suuuuuuuuper disciplined about my workout. I was determined to become something that I wasn’t–a runner. Between 2012-2013, I managed to get at least 10 5k’s, 3 10k’s, 1 half marathon and 1 triathlon under my belt. I felt amazing!!!!

    When I found out I was pregnant, I’d put on a little happy weight but I was still in shape. I’d planned on being one of those women that ran and worked out till the dropped their babies. Well, abc had a different plan for my body and that’s not at all what I was like. So I fell off my horse.

    It’s a struggle to get back on now. Yes, you burn hella calories with breastfeeding but it’s not enough for me to drop weight or size. Because of the hormones and my inability to restrict my diet the way that I’d like to, this weight loss battle has become just that–a battle. I feel like I’m fighting tooth and nail with my fat cells to just shrink and be gone. My waistline………..oh my waistline. This thing is so thick!

    I digress…

    But I’m back on the horse. I’ve registered for my first of 4 5k’s I’ve committed to complete this year and I’ve picked up running again. And I use the term running VERY loosely. It’s more like a jog-walk or walk-jog… But I’m getting some miles in. The hard part for me is not being able to pick back up where I left off. Running, actually running–not what I’m doing now, used to be pretty easy. But now it’s a struggle. I lost some my muscle and my endurance.

    I swear I’m not beating myself up but getting back on the good foot is so hard!!

    10 Minute Workouts For New Moms

    Becoming a new mom can be time consuming but that doesn't mean you stop your workouts--well, once cleared. Have 10-minutes? Get ready to sweat!

    I’m a self-professed workout junkie—or was. After having mini I was determined to become a runner. Why running right? Well, I grew up as a competitive swimmer and during our workouts, running was the one thing that I just couldn’t do. I remember getting made fun of and how that made me feel. Well, after mini I became a runner. I have a triathlon and half marathon along with countless 5&10k’s under my belt. Dedicated and disciplined. That’s what I was.


    Now it’s time for me to get back on the train and stay there. This adjustment to two kids has hit my energy levels hard. My plan was to resume morning workouts before everyone woke up. This way I would have my me time along with my workouts and start my day out strong. Well, abc has a different plan for me and my morning workouts have become null and void. Actually, all my working out had become null and void. Right at the 6 week mark I was on it but I was also home. I was getting my 20-30 min workouts in and feeling really great about myself. But then when I returned to work, that changed.


    One of the things I have to change is my mindset about working out. I have to remember that with 1 infant and 1 preschooler, a 1 hour morning workout just may not be in the stars—but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t still be working out. I read a blog written by a mom who talked about just getting in 10min a day. And that 10min/day is better than no minutes. As baby gets bigger, workouts can get longer because you can leave them with people. I’ve come up with some basic 10min workouts that both involve baby and some that don’t to help my fellow mommies out there.

    Becoming a new mom can be time consuming but that doesn't mean you stop your workouts--well, once cleared. Have 10-minutes? Get ready to sweat!


    • Kettle bell (my favorite)
    • Yoga mat
    • Weighted Jump Rope
    • Weighted Gloves
    • Pilates ball
    • Moby Wrap or other baby wearing contraption


    Baby-Friendly Workout

    Make sure that baby is securely strapped to you.

    00:00-00:30 Marching in place

    00:30-01:00 Squats

    01:00-02:00 Stationary Lunges (30sec each leg)

    02:00-02:30 Standing Oblique Crunches

    02:30-03:00 Plié Squats

    03:00-03:30 Wall Sit

    03:30-04:00 Tricep Dips on Chair

    Unstrap baby and lay on yoga mat

    04:30-05:00 Push-ups

    05:00-06:00 Baby Chest Press (lie on back and do chest press with baby—make sure head is supported)

    06:00-06:30 Push-ups

    06:30-07:00 Plank

    07:00-07:30 Heel Taps (lie on back with knees bent. Place baby so their backs are resting on your thighs and legs are resting on your stomach/chest)

    07:30-08:00 Cruches

    08:00-09:00 Pilates Roll-Ups

    09:00-10:00 Walk in Place


    Kettle bell Workout (My Favorite!!!)

    00:00-00:30 Jog in place

    00:30-01:00 High Knees

    01:00-01:30 Butt Kicks

    01:30-02:00 Jumping Jacks

    02:00-03:00 Kettle bell Swings Alternating hands

    03:00-04:00 Figure 8’s

    04:00-05:00 Single Leg Deadlifts (30 seconds each leg)

    05:00-05:30 Skater

    05:30-06:00 Goblet Squats

    06:00-07:00 Kettle bell Lunge Press (30 seconds each side)

    07:00-08:00 Kettle bell High Pull (30 seconds each arm)

    08:30-09:30 Kettle bell Russian Twist

    09:30-10:00 Walk in place


    Mini Boxer Workout

    Need weighted gloves and jump rope

    00:00-01:00 Jump rope

    01:00-01:30 High Knees

    01:30-02:00 Butt Kicks

    02:00-02:30 Jumping Jacks

    02:30-03:00 Fast jabs

    03:00-04:00 3 Jabs, 1 Knee lift

    04:00-05:00 3 Uppercuts, 1 Kick

    05:00-05:30 Boxer Shuffle

    05:30-06:00 Tuck Jumps

    06:00-07:00 Oblique crunch in low squat

    07:00-08:00 Side to Side Twist in low squat

    08:30-09:30 Fast jabs

    09:30-10:00 Walk in place/Boxer Shuffle


    I have more that I’ll post as time goes on. I wasn’t a believer that 10min could make a difference but something is way better than nothing!

    Breathing in the Positive and Exhaling the Negative

    Whew! This past 24 hours has been an eventful one.

    After abc woke up with a fever of 102.5 in the middle of the night, I packed her up and took her to the ER at my pediatricians recommendation. Last night I learned that all ER’s are not made equally when concerning babies. Getting seen was a breeze though the entire experience was awkward to say the least. Between the “beautiful mind” moment I had with the nurse to the radiologist touching the air around abc versus her to the doctor telling me about his marital problems after asking me if I suck abc’s snot out with my mouth (I do), I was waiting for the cameras to jump out to say I was being punked.

    Nevertheless, I wasn’t.

    They ruled out pneumonia but they didn’t do a very good job at telling me what was wrong with her outside of maybe a little virus. That wasn’t good enough for me so I took her to the pediatricians office. There we found out she had fluid in her left ear and an infection in her right ear. Pobrecita!

    Cool. So we have the diagnosis. abc seemed to be in good spirits so we did a little running around.

    Breathe in the positive… when I went to pick up the very last Elf on the Shelf from Barnes & Noble, the cashier gave me her discount! Breathe out the negative… I couldn’t get abc to nurse. Instead she slept through her feeding. Breathe in the positive… I got a chance to start on my Christmas shopping at my favorite place in the world and got some great discounts! Breathe out the negative… abc wanted to be held as I walked around Target. 15.5 lbs while pushing a cart is NOT easy.

    Breathe in the positive… Target price matched Publix on my antibiotics so I paid nothing for them!!! Breathe out the negative… abc again wouldn’t nurse so I go to hand express in the car to relieve some pressure and she has a blow out–all over me. Breathe in the positive… We got cleaned up, made it home where she nursed and I was able to hand express a total of 5oz.

    Now that I’m on a positive note, I need some R&R with my hubby!!!

    Sick day really means sick day

    abc has a little cold.

    It sucks. When they’re this little (I think she’s almost 16 weeks? I’m terrible at this) the only thing you can give them is snuggles and their boob (or bottle). We got in from Nana’s house late last night. Though she’s been in great spirits I decided to stay home with my little.

    In making this decision I was like “yes!!! I can do so much! I can run errands and fold the thousand of laundry waiting patiently to be put away!!! I can write! I can work out!” Here’s my reality check that came in the form of the most cranky and fussy version of abc I’ve ever seen: she’s sick so that means sick day is filled with snuggles for my baby–that’s it.

    The crazy thing is that I’d made this whole schedule in my head. We were scheduled naps and snuggles and laundry till 1pm, errands from 1-2:30pm, workout at the park at 3pm, pick mini up at 4pm, take her to the park to play till like 5ish, go home and make the side dish to dinner, play, snuggle, etc till bed time. Nope. Not one of those things has gotten done except the napping and snuggles. Every time I try to move out the bed, she’s whining and crying. It’s almost like she has a gps attached to me that alerts her when I move.

    I mean, I’m stealthy. I put ninjas to shame with my ability to quietly navigate the bedroom without waking a sleeping baby. But not today. Today I’ve barely even had a chance to eat. I’ve had a sum total of 40oz of water, oatmeal, and 2 apples w/ peanut butter. And I’m nursing her. Can I get a lunch break?! abc says “no”.


    I need to do better with my sick day planning.

    preschooler is synonymous with “killer of joy”

    i’m not so sure why the two’s are called “terrible”. maybe the person who coined the “terrible twos” didn’t have a child in the 3’s or 4’s just yet. i’m sure that if they did, then it would go more like the “training twos”, “torrential threes”, “far from fabulous fours”. and i’m in the fours now. -_-

    just my luck.

    but i know for a fact that it’s not just me going through this. in fact, i think that mini is picking up these blasted temper tantrums from one of the little girls at school. last friday they had an art show (it was so cute) and this little girl had tantrums back to back for like 5 minutes. and the mom was so calm. inside of me i was getting agitated and in both awe and shock at the calm the mom displayed. watching this interaction almost killed my joy–but then i realized i didn’t have to take her home with me.

    or did i.

    all this past weekend mini has been whiny and full of tears. her whining and crying sounds like nails on a blackboard. if i’m superman, then those things are my kryptonite and not in the cutesy “i just want to give her the world” weakness. it’s more like “i just want to leave and not come back until she’s done making noise for forever” weakness. i hate it. i cannot stand crying. at all. even with abc. i can’t stand her crying either but she doesn’t have words. mini? she has lots of words. instead of using her words to communicate feelings, she uses them to lie and be sneaky with–which i hate slightly less than the crying and whining.

    i think the kicker about preschoolers is that they know what they’re doing, what type of reaction it’s going to get and they do it anyway. and then they have the nerve to have an attitude when it garners the reaction that they knew was coming.

    and now i think mini is going through the jealousy bit. she’s saying dumb things like “you don’t think i’m pretty”, “you don’t love me”, “you don’t ever forgive me”, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. mind you, the kid gets pretty much everything she wants, does the things she wants to. but nope, that’s not good enough. and she knows that i love her. she knows that the crying, saying mean things, and temper tantrums get her nowhere BUT SHE STILL DOES IT!!!!! why!?!?!?!?

    ugh… right now i’m over aaaaaaaaalllll things preschoolers–minus them spending all those hours at school. that i love.

    which comes first? the other chicken or the egg?

    proverbially speaking of course.

    but in a marriage, which do you put first, your marriage/spouse or your children? this has been a hot topic and was recently (as in today) posed to me as well. my answer has always been the same. my spouse comes first.

    some people might be up in arms like, “OMG how could you put anything before your child?!?” for those that are religious, it’s in the bible it speaks to putting your spouse first always. for those that aren’t religious, it honestly just makes sense. just like how it’s crucial for a mom to have “me time” to be a better mother, it’s equally as important for spouses to have a strong connection so they can parent cohesively.

    even outside of parenting, your children are going to grow up and leave you and then have families of their own. if you’ve neglected your spouse during the time that you were raising your children, once they leave, you’re left with a stranger. the very cute chick flick “failure to launch” with matthew mcconaughey and sarah jessica parker touches on this. in the movie, once mcconaughey finally moves out at like 35, the mom doesn’t know how to act outside of her role as a mother.

    in all honesty, my priorities are as follows: God, me, the hubs, the babes. yes, in that order. if my spirit isn’t right, then honestly, nothing else is right either. for some this looks like a relationship with God through religion or other spiritual paths. for others, this may look differently. after getting my spirit right, then comes me. so what this looks like to me is making sure i’m taking the time out to handle what’s important for my growth and sanity. on sunday mornings, i take time out to give myself a facial and deep condition my hair, i work out, i make sure that the foods i’m putting in my body are healthy and delicious.

    these things come before my husband because i want to be a whole person for him. i don’t believe in this whole “you complete me” jazz. i want to be a whole person just like i want him to be complete as well. that way when we come together, we’re even greater. nurturing a connection with my husband is vital for my role as a mother and as a woman. we need to connect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. we do this through texts throughout the day, conversations at night, snuggling, and other intimate times. we’re able to discuss parenting among other things that are important.

    having this strong connection with my husband makes us better parents for our girls. he knows how i feel about certain things and i know his feelings as well. so when mini comes and asks me something that she’s already gotten a “no” out of him for, i also say know showing a united front. but because he and i are affectionate, respectful, and loving, it sets the standard for what mini and baby abc should expect from relationships as well.

    so for me, the other chicken comes before the eggs–that way there’ll be more eggs 😉

    friday funny: the thing baby abc doesn’t have time for

    my husband and i working on our connection.

    yep, abc made this perfectly clear last night. what do i mean right?

    backstory: i believe in most of the principles of attachment parenting. this was an easy philosophy to adopt when i was a single mother. i would wear mini all.the.time. she slept with me until she was 1–like literally her first birthday was the first time she slept in a different room than me. so naturally with baby abc i’ve been going the same route. but things are a little different because i’m not single and i’m newly married. the hubs and i still have some newly wed bonding to do!

    current story: i’ve been working on getting baby abc to sleep on her own. she is probably the inventor of snuggling. she takes expert snuggling to the next level so getting her to sleep in her own space on her own is a challenge. this should really be read as mommy loves snuggling with her baby and isn’t 100% ready to have her sleeping on her own. i digress…

    last night we did our nightly routine: she screams and hollers at me and her boob till she finally calms down and lets the effects of nursing and snuggles take place. i put her into her co-sleeper next to bed. boom. she’s sleeping wonderfully. the hubs comes upstairs–i was getting my thursday night tv fix– and we snuggle, have pillow chat and really connect. it was great to just have some alone time with my husband! so great that we stayed up till her first nursing talking. but this was good! i nursed her, put her back in her co-sleeper, the hubs and i snuggled up and finally fell asleep around 12:30.

    here’s where i messed up……. abc starting rustling to nurse again around 4ish. i was half sleep and kinda woke her up when i put her in the bed to nurse. she latches, i fall back to sleep, she doesn’t. i wake up horrified as she begins boxing my nipple. major ouch. and then she wouldn’t go back to sleep! she was looking at me all cute and bright eyed with a look that said “i don’t give a single damb about you and daddy reconnecting!!! get your lazy butt up and rock me to sleep”.

    and i did.

    she had no regard for me trying to bond with my man… the nerve of her.

    equipped with new equipment

    during yesterday’s postpartum doctor’s appointment i was given the all clear to resume my normal activities. after the awkward moment where my doc told me that i needed to make sure to use condoms during “all normal activities” in front of my mom, i began to rejoice! i celebrated this monumental moment by cancelling my LA fitness membership and shopping for some tools to use at home. as absurd as it sounds, i absolutely cannot wait to use all the things that i got!

    so what did i get and how do i plan on using them?

    kettle bell (8lb)

    i really wanted a 10 and 15lb kettle bell but all i could find at tj maxx was the 8lb one. i took that as the universe’s way of telling me to calm down and ease back into things. i fell in love with kettle bells about 3 years ago. i used to go to retro fitness and they had a bunch. one of the fitness apps i used at the time incorporated them. then i trained with a trainer that used to try to kill me with kettle bell swings. i loved every moment of it. i’ve found some really awesome HiiT workouts that will incorporate using the kettle bell. one of the great resources i’ve found for kettle bell moves is on the greatist‘s website.

    weighted gloves

    during my first couple of workouts i did a lot of punches and some secondary arm movements that would have been more effective if i had some more weight on there. so i found these nifty weighted gloves that are more comfy than the wrist weights. plus, when i use the kettle bell it’ll increase the weight as well.

    weighted jump rope 

    there’s nothing like doing strength training and cardio at the same time. talk about an increase in effectiveness. i remember the first time that i used one i was so sore after. this is what i’m looking for. this will be perfect for the high impact/cardio parts of my workouts.

    i didn’t use any of them today since i went for a jog–and i use this term loosely. it started out as a nice jog and then it went to a walk with some jogging sprinkled in there. my legs are super sore already from monday and tuesdays workouts. i feel like i barely did anything in my little 20 min workouts but apparently i was mistaken.

    what equipment do you use when working out? what are some of your most effective workouts?