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    How To Learn To Unplug To Be Present For Life’s Greatest Moments

    Have you ever picked up your cell phone right after your alarm goes off and start browsing your notifications only to realize that several hours have gone by? Let’s be honest, it’s easy to get caught up in the rabbit hole of intriguing Instagram stories (we know this is one of Aaronica’s favorite things to do!) and the constant Facebook updates from friends and family. We unknowingly live our regular lives through the lives of our best friends in our heads on social media rather than creating those amazing moments ourselves. Learn to unplug–it’s becoming a necessity. Continue reading

    Living With Intention–My Birthday Present To Myself

    After turning 35 I'm ready to make a change--one that includes living with intention. Here I share the changes I'm making to live with intention.

    On Friday, July 20 I turned the big 35. I’m not sitting here freaking out over getting older. After seeing all the youthful faces at my family reunion, I’m not concerned with wrinkles or looking older. But what does concern me is that I feel like the life is being sucked out of me by, well, not really living with intention. Continue reading

    5 Reasons I Wanted To Be A Girl Scout

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Girl Scout sooooo badly. My brother was both a Cub Scout and Boy Scout and I remember going to the meetings because my mom was a Den Mom–cool, right? Well for some reason, Girl Scouts just never happened for me but I so badly wanted it–especially since Troop Beverly Hills was one of my favorite movies growing up. Continue reading

    Top 10 Beers and Malt Beverages For Your Summer Party

    Top 10 beers and malt beverages for the summer

    Having some beers and malt beverages with your buds in the summer is always a good time. Whether you are by the pool or by a fire, sipping your favorite drink is refreshing. This summer, there are some really popular beers and malt beverages that I think you should try. I also want to show you these super cute cups that I have been making and using for my drinks. They are awesome! Continue reading

    6 Summer Must-Have Products To Stay Cool

    Whenever someone says that I live in Hotlanta, I roll my eyes despite the truth of it feeling like Hades everyday when the summer season is here. I know. I’m being dramatic. In order to stay cool in the face of heat, I’ve made a quick list of summer must-have products that will do the job. Continue reading

    Taking It Back To Basics With Basic Invite

    In a world where we send out virtual invitations for life, Basic Invite is taking things back to traditional invites with their custom paper.
    I’ve partnered with Basic Invites on this sponsored posting. All thoughts are my own.

    When was the last time you received a paper invitation to an event, namely a baby shower? I know that I sent them out for Mini’s baby shower and that’s about it. In her baby book, I have a copy of said invitation along with pictures of people celebrating the bump in my belly that eventually became her and she loves to flip through it. We live in the land of virtual now and as I look back at the other baby books I’ve yet to put together, I’m wishing I’d done paper invitations. And after seeing these beautiful ones from Basic Invite, I wish I had these!

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    Aging Backwards with Annmarie Skin Care

    **This post contains affiliate links.**

    You guys can call me Benjamina Buttons because I’m looking younger and younger as I use my Annmarie Skin Care. This year when I was at ShiftCon (looking incredibly tired as I was traveling and conferencing with BC in tow) I met up with the ladies from Annmarie Skin Care and I loved everything they were talking about. I sampled their coconut body oil which is more luxurious than your average coconut oil while chatting away with them.

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    6 Last Minute And Free Father’s Day Gifts

    It’s that time of year again!  Father’s Day is upon us and for most, it can be one of the most mind boggling holidays when it comes to what to get that special father figure in our life.  For some reason Mother’s Day seems to be a breeze when it comes to gift giving, but Father’s Day, not so much.  This day is all about showing Dad just how much you love and appreciate him and all of the hard work he puts in, but what if he’s one of those guys that has everything?  Continue reading

    Calling Fellow Pizza Lovers! Have You Tried MOD Pizza?

    We’ve driven past MOD Pizza many times without stopping then we finally did. Guys, they’re doing pizza different and I’m 100% here for it!!!

    I have a confession: Pizza is my favorite food. I’m a New Yorker and have high expectations of pizza so I typically go with what I know around Atlanta. Today Mini and I ventured out and tried MOD Pizza in Decatur.

    We were originally heading out to grab something from the grocery store and to get our nails done. The line at my new favorite salon was a bit long so we decided to grab some food. Signs I’m raising mini right: pizza is also her favorite food.

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    Beer Themed Teacher Gifts- Plus a Free Downloadable Beer Poem

    beer gift ideas for teachers end of the school year teachers week

    Teaching is hard. There are a lot of days when I am thankful that I am not a teacher. Basically it boils down to me not even being able to deal with my own two kids. So how could I deal with a class of 20+ kids?! What I do know is that teachers deserve an awesome gift for the end of the school year. What is better than beer? I know wine related gifts are super popular for teachers these days. However, let’s remember the male teachers who may shy away from the wine and those female teachers who love a good Blue Moon, Angry Orchard or even a Corona while they are floating around the pool.

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