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    3 Ways to Maximize Sleep While Baby Wearing

    Today we welcome Nicole Johnson, the Lead Sleep Consultant from The Baby Sleep Site to The Crunchy Mommy. Getting babies to sleep more and better is a popular topic and here’s what an expert has to say!

    While baby wearing is a great way to get through the fourth trimester and bond with your baby, some parents worry that baby wearing may negatively impact sleep. Some parents worry that their baby won’t sleep without them while others worry their baby won’t get adequate sleep unless in a crib. Neither things are true! Baby wearing and sleep can go hand-in-hand.

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    Can We Be Honest About How Hard Motherhood Is?

    My husband had to remind me just how hard motherhood is after a rough evening with one third of the children. I thought it was me but nope, that's what motherhood is!

    Last night I sat on the edge of my bed questioning what I was doing wrong in this motherhood thing after a tumultuous evening with my 9 year old. My husband walks in as I’m near tears and I ask him, “Is it me? Am I a terrible mom?” He literally laughed at me as he reminded me that this is just how had motherhood is.

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    How To Recover When Your Child Lies To You

    I don’t know anyone who’s like, “OMG! I love liars!!” so when I say that I can’t stand a liar, I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here. When most people lie to you, you have the option to cut them out of your life or forgive and keep it moving. But when your kids lie to you? Well, that recovery is not that easy. 

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    My Experience In Breastfeeding Through The Years

    It feels like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant with Mini and making the decision to breastfeed for the first time. Being completely honest, I wasn’t 100% committed to this idea of breastfeeding. I was 25 and going through a really rough time in life. Divorce, an unplanned pregnancy and jobless–rough time doesn’t fully describe things! I just wanted things to be as easy as possible. She was my first experience in breastfeeding and I loved it. Continue reading