Transitioning From Maternity Leave Back To Working

Maternity leave is officially over for the last time and I'm transitioning back to work! Yes, I'm now a homeschooling, WAHM of THREE! Here's how I do it.

This post is sponsored by Delta Children. All opinions are my own. Hey boos! So it’s official–maternity leave is over and mama is back in the swing of things (obviously). I’ve been slowly adjusting to life with 3 kids home and boy has that adjustment been a big one. Big and final. Now that we’re … Read moreTransitioning From Maternity Leave Back To Working

Did I Miss Saying “Happy New Year”?

Two weeks into the New Year and I’m finally getting around to writing my first post. For someone who was writing for an hour a day on a daily basis, this is so disappointing to me. As my fellow bloggers are writing about their focus words for the new year, I was sitting and reading … Read moreDid I Miss Saying “Happy New Year”?

School Is Back In Session

I’ve always had a love for learning but after I finished my MBA, I swore off school for forever—until now. I’ve enrolled in free courses with Concordia University & I’m so excited!

Now I may not be able to remember my first day of school but I do remember how much I loved school. My mom kept me home with her for a couple years and then sent me part-time to a local preschool and I loved it. I still have vague memories of eating Playdoh (praises … Read moreSchool Is Back In Session

Lauren Lake: The Do-It-All Mama

Dont judge me: I’ve always had a thing for those courtroom shows. I’ve pretty much watched them all: Judge Mathis, Judge Judy, Divorce Court, etc. They go hand in hand with my crime show addiction. One that I’ve recently started watching has been Paternity Court with Lauren Lake. Paternity Court with Lauren Lake This is … Read moreLauren Lake: The Do-It-All Mama

Timeless: New Fall TV Favorite + Interview

I have a confession to make: I love fall TV. I know, as a working wife and mom of 2 who has very little time how can I feed my addiction, right? Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way and one of the new TV shows I’ve added to my must-watch list is “Timeless”. … Read moreTimeless: New Fall TV Favorite + Interview

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

We love a good book around the TCM household. We love personalized things with our names too. "The Girl Who Lost Her Name" gives us both! Read on for our review.

One of the things that will never get old around the TCM household is a good book–especially one that’s written especially for one of my girls. We’ve all seen those books that they’re customized for your child and they end up being these cheesy, generic stories that are just…basic. When I was approached by … Read moreThe Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

Book Review: Mary Had A Little Glam

We had the opportunity to read and review "Mary Had A Little Glam" and it's quickly become a favorite around here! Check out this review to see why.

Who’s fleece was white as snow! Ok, so that’s not part of the book but it seemed to flow so well! Mini and abc are AVID readers so when we were contacted about reviewing this book, my arms were out like “Gimme! Gimme!” Though I was excited about the book, I wasn’t sure what to … Read moreBook Review: Mary Had A Little Glam

5 Ways To Rock Your Next Conference

So you've registered for a conference and you're all ready to go but how do you get the most out of it while your there and after? Read on for my tips to rock your next conference!

So you’re registered for a conference and you’re ready to soak up all the information you possibly can. But that’s not all you should be doing! How To Maximize Your Conference Experience Conferences can be overwhelming in both a good and a bad way. I used to actually plan conferences for a living (there isn’t … Read more5 Ways To Rock Your Next Conference

Blogging Conferences: Why You Need To Attend Them

Serious about blogging? Then you need to start attending conferences and here I tell you why. Live in Atlanta? There's a conference here this month!

A little over a year ago I decided to be super serious about this blogging thing and make it my full time job. Yes, job. I left corporate America to pursue this increasingly popular profession. But I wanted to because I want to make a difference in the world and this is just the start. … Read moreBlogging Conferences: Why You Need To Attend Them

Creating Comfort Daily with TAZO® Tea

“This post was sponsored by Starbucks as part of an Influencer Activation. I received compensation and complimentary products to facilitate my review.” It’s 10:45pm and I’ve just fallen asleep after running on about 10 hours of sleep within 3 days. Happy to finally be in the bed at a decent hour, I slowly drift off … Read moreCreating Comfort Daily with TAZO® Tea