10 Questions To Never Ask A Woman

It seems as though womanhood opens the doors for being accosted with some of the most sexist questions that people want answers to. Don't ask us these.

Being a woman seems to open the door for a level of shenanigans that most men don’t have to deal with. From pregnancy to just womanhood in general, we seem to consistently be accosted with ridiculous questions. Not only are they ridiculous but they can even be downright invasive. What questions fall into this category, … Read more10 Questions To Never Ask A Woman

“Hidden Figures”: The Must-See Movie for Little Girls

“I’m going to be famous because of my math skills.” My niece exclaimed this as we were riding in a limo for mini’s birthday party. The other little girls looked a little confused as to how you could become famous for being good at math when I brought up the movie “Hidden Figures”. As I … Read more“Hidden Figures”: The Must-See Movie for Little Girls

16 Things to Be Thankful For In 2016

We're our own worst critics and sometimes it's hard to see the beauty in what we're doing but here are 16 things I'm thankful for in 2016.

Time is flying by this year. I can’t believe that it’s already November! That means we’re ONE month away from concluding 2016. As I look back for all my goals that I had for 2016, it’s hard not to beat myself up for all of the things that I didn’t get done and wanted to. … Read more16 Things to Be Thankful For In 2016

I “Let It Go” Elsa-Style

There comes a moment in most women's lives where we have to let go of the feelings of inadequacy and embrace our beauty. This was my weekend.

No, I didn’t freeze my entire city, run off and then create my own frozen castle while embracing fabulous powers that I’d been hiding for years but I did break through my own mold and let go of a lot. I also did embrace some pretty fabulous things about myself that lead to even more … Read moreI “Let It Go” Elsa-Style

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Elevate Me

International Women's Day celebration with the launch of Elevate Me.

Happy International Women’s Day!!!! This is my first year really celebrating this and I’m seriously wondering why. I mean, I’ve been a woman for 30+ years and I’m JUST now celebrating? Pft. But I’m really excited with how I spent my morning as I rang in this International Women’s Day. I had the honor of … Read moreCelebrating International Women’s Day with Elevate Me

The Day I Stopped Hating Myself

People think self-love is so easy. It isn't.

I thought I had hit rock bottom when I had admitted to not being able to see my physical beauty any longer after having abc. But I didn’t. I hit it recently when I found myself just angry all the time and hating everything. I wasn’t mad at anyone in particular. Well, maybe I was. … Read moreThe Day I Stopped Hating Myself

7 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Right Now

We all know that taking care of ourselves needs to be a priority. Here are 7 ways to do it NOW! www.thecrunchymommy.com

As mothers, we boldly love our children. If there’s anything or anyone that gets close to harming them, the fierce mama bear comes out and we handle it. As wives, we boldly love our spouses. I’m the first one to say “There’s two things I don’t play about: my man and my kids.” I, like … Read more7 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Right Now

5 Tips on Establishing Good Routines

Routines are essential to be effective in your every day life. Need help in establishing them? Read more at www.thecrunchymommy,com!

As a kid and on into young adulthood I thought routines were mundane. I mean, who REALLY wanted to do the same thing day in and day out right? It’s amazing how a little person can totally rock your perspective on things. When I was pregnant with mini, I researched and researched and researched sleep … Read more5 Tips on Establishing Good Routines

New Year, Improved Me!

Every year some meme goes around spouting “NEW YEAR, NEW ME!!!” Ever since this started, I’ve despised it. Why do you have to be a new person in the new year? What’s so wrong with being who you are? I like who I am and I’ve works really hard to be able to say that … Read moreNew Year, Improved Me!