CurlMix Peppermint Hot Oil Treatment Review

I’m so excited to be kicking off one of the new categories that will be included on The Crunchy Mommy with CurlMix! In 2001, I did the “big chop” the day I graduated high school and shaved my long, relaxed hair off. It was so liberating to no longer be a slave to the creamy crack. I have loved experimenting and getting to know the curls that have become part of my trademark look.

I was so excited that my fellow Spelman sister started her own business that is geared towards the naturalista’s in the curly bunch when she and her husband developed the CurlMix Kit. Now, in case you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a subscription box addict–especially the hair care and makeup ones. I love being surprised every month with little goodies that I otherwise wouldn’t have found.

What Is CurlMix?

CurlMix is the DIY box for naturally curly hair that was started by Kim & Tim Lewis–the founders of The Natural Hair Academy. As the founders of the NHA, it’s only natural that they take the next step in a subscription box sharing their knowledge with the masses. In the natural hair community, it’s pretty rare to see our male counterparts take such an avid interest in helping us with our hair but that’s just what Tim did with his wife Kim after doing her big chop himself. They would work together concocting new recipes to nourish her growing locks. After searching for another company that did this, they came up empty handed and used this as the opportunity to develop what the CurlMix Box. Included in each box is everything that you’ll need to make the treatment of the month–literally everything.

CurlMix is a DIY hair care box for naturally curly hair. Read more about how the December Box rocked my curls at

The Box: Peppermint Hot Oil Treatment

When my box came I was super excited. The winter time is pretty rough on the Crunchy household in a lot of ways–especially hair care. With a household of three heads full of curls, we go through A LOT of hair products–particularly moisturizing products. The cold air of winter coupled with the dry heat from the indoors can leave our hair less than desirable. And I workout at lease 4-5 times a week which is also pretty tough on my hair so I was excited that the first box was geared towards restoring this moisture that is lost.

CurlMix is a DIY hair care box for naturally curly hair. Read more about how the December Box rocked my curls at

The box came with 2oz bottles of the following oils:

Peppermint & Castor Oil

Peppermint is a natural antiseptic and antimicrobial and the oil offers these properties for your hair as well as working to prevent frizz. Castor oil is a thick oil that coats the hair preventing breakage as well as boosting the growth of new hair.

Avocado & Jojoba Oil

Avocado oil, like castor oil, has been known to restore growth in hair. It seems like jojoba oil is in most hair care products with good reason. It’s non-comedogenic, non-allergic, and prevents damages from free radicals.

Grape Seed & Apricot Oil

These were pretty new to me. Grape seed oil is a great sealant for your hair making is so the moisture stays put. Apricot oil is similar to that of grape seed in that it seals the moisture in and provides great shine.

Sweet Almond Oil & Vanilla Butter Scent

Let me say that this smelled so delicious. It was like a cupcake in liquid form that promises to leave my waistline alone. Sweet almond oil is used to prevent breakage and hair loss.

CurlMix is a DIY hair care box for naturally curly hair. Read more about how the December Box rocked my curls at

The Process

This was easy peazy. I dumped the four 2 oz bottles into the 1 big 8 oz bottle that was provided and put into my sink of hot water for a couple of minutes. Following the instructions, I massaged it into my hair for 3 minutes from root to ends. It felt good to finally take some time out and nurture my hair. I put on the thermal conditioning cap for 30 minutes and shampooed.

My Thoughts

I loved it. My hair was way easier to comb in the shower. It was an easy process that took a total of less than 7 minutes from start to shoving my hair under the bonnet–yes, shoving… this is a lot of hair! There is enough left of the product for me to do mini’s hair as well as mine a couple more times. The oils provided are perfect for what my curls are facing this time of year too! I would certainly recommend this product for both seasoned and newer naturalista’s!

CurlMix is a DIY hair care box for naturally curly hair. Read more about how the December Box rocked my curls at

Interested in trying your own box? Order yours here. Have your own recipe that you’d want to be featured? Submit those here too!


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