Local Fun: Candytopia Atlanta

    Today is the grand opening of Candytopia and last night my friends and I had the opportunity to check it out. Friends. It’s amazing. I’m going to give you the rundown without you feeling like you’ve heard enough you shouldn’t go but enough information that you know you need to experience it for yourself. Candytopia Atlanta was all the sweet fun that I needed for a girls night out and then some.

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    7 Common Misconceptions About Homeschooling

    When we made the decision to homeschool the kids, it wasn’t a light one. I was never the mom that had dreamt of homeschooling their children since I was a child. I was really hesitant to pull my kids out of school when we were preparing to move but after some issues with racism and a lack of challenge in her class, I decided it was what was best for us. Now a couple years later, I’m discovering that I had quite a few misconceptions about homeschooling.

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    The Crunchy Mommy’s Pot Roast Recipe

    When you think of comfort food, what comes to mind? I always think of one of my favorite recipes my mom made us growing up--Pot Roast!

    This is a sponsored post on behalf of Red Gold Tomatoes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    Growing up, I’m pretty sure that all of my mom’s meals were my favorite. Now as a mom myself, many of these recipes are in my arsenal to feed my own family.

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    Teaching Your Kids To Be Internet Awesome

    The internet is an amazing place where you can order groceries at a click. For kids, it can be dangerous which is why Google launched Be Internet Awesome.

    I’ve partnered with the Mom It Forward Network and Google to share this information. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    I’m dating myself but do you remember dial-up and that screeching sound as we got connected to AOL to enjoy the beginnings of the connecting with others via chat rooms? I remember being 11 and giving someone my phone number and home address as we planned to meet up in real life to hang out. I was young, innocent and presumed others were too when sharing their own a/s/l but that wasn’t and still isn’t the case. Now that the internet has developed more, so has the need for safety precautions and programs like Be Internet Awesome.

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