Keep it Spicy: 5 Fun Indoor Date Ideas

    The hubs and I don’t get out like we’d like to so that we can have adult time that’s special for the two of us. It’s so easy to fall into the “I’m comfortable” rut once you have kids but keeping that connection between husband and wife is so important. Once you’re done raising the kids, all you’ll have is each other!

    So because we can’t go out (no babysitter unless my mom is in town), we stay in and have our dates. Here are a couple of fun (and a little bit spicy) indoor date ideas:

    1. Dinner and a Movie

    I know, typical. But instead of including the kids at the dinner table, feed them, put those little heads in beds and just have dinner with the two of you. I will normally make one of his favorite dishes and we are able to sit and connect without interruption. Not that we don’t enjoy hearing every.single.detail of mini’s day, but it’s nice to talk without interruption. Follow that up with a nice, adult movie–you know, the ones without singing and dancing animated characters–and it’s a nice, mellow evening with just the two of you.

    2. Dance Party

    I love to dance. In my head, I’m as good as a Beyonce choreographer. In reality, well, let’s just say that I can work with what I’ve got. The first time that I turned the music on and got him to dance with me it did feel silly. When you’re at a club or lounge you tend to get caught up in the energy that’s around you. When it’s just you two, you’re forced to focus on just you guys which can be awkward at first. But once you get comfortable, you realize that connecting with just the two of you is nice. I use Songza and my favorite playlists are The Quiet Storm, Hip Hop & R&B Valentine’s Day and Seductive Soul.

    3. Strip Uno

    Yep. Your favorite childhood game turned into an adult one. According to the hubs, this is one of his favorite dates. I’m super competitive and he’s naturally really good at card games so it was really fun. Grab some wine and easy snacks and it’s a great date that leads to a great……….connection later *wink wink*.

    4. Indoor Picnic & Outdoor S’mores

    I LOOOVE picnics. I don’t know why. There’s something about sitting on the floor eating sandwiches and other cold foods that makes me feel so happy. Add a bottle of wine, a fire pit and some marshmallows and I’m the happiest in the world. Just be sure to have some citronella burning or the night bugs will surely put a damper on the mood.

    5. Just Hang Out

    As I was talking to the hubs about his favorite indoor dates, just hanging out together was definitely his favorite. We love certain shows (Agents of Shield, OITNB, Sense8, etc) and we use our evenings to just hang out and watch TV. It’s nice to veg out with your person who you can let your proverbial hair down with. We’re normally touching in some way–my legs on him, his arm on me–which brings the sense of comfortable intimacy.

    The hubs and I have a rather casual marriage. One of our favorite things to do is to sit and say/do nothing with each other. I love his presence. But often times married couples get too comfortable and forget to make things special and honor the commitment that we have to one another. This is so important. The connection between spouses is so important in the role of parenting. Talking about each other’s days, listening to the struggles, and helping each other through them is definitely important. And catering to each other is too. Massages, soft music, candles, whatever it is you need in order to feel connected to each other you should do but don’t use the excuse of not having a baby sitter.

    Make tonight and every night special for each other, after all, it’s till death do you part right?

    What are some great indoor dates you guys have?

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    Breastfeeding 101

    One of the things I’m incredibly passionate about is breastfeeding. I’m not sure if breastfeeding is on the rise globally or if because the people I know are having babies why it’s so popular in my feeds but either way, I’m 100% here for the breastfeeding moms. I get a lot of questions because I successfully EBF (exclusively breastfed) my oldest until she was 11 months. Stress and some other things decreased my supply in a major way so I had to supplement a bit with formula. But 2 years of breastfeeding has left me with some shareable knowledge.

    The Beginning of the Nursing Relationship

    Depending on who you ask, when you first start to breastfeed your baby it can hurt. Pain is normally a symptom of an improper latch. Mini latched properly right away–abc, not so much. In fact, it hurt so much with abc in the beginning I almost thought twice about breastfeeding her! But she was a lazy latcher. She wouldn’t let my breast get far enough into her mouth before latching. We fixed it but it took about a week. This is a normal introduction to breastfeeding for a lot of women so if this is you, don’t worry, be patient, and get some help. My doula with mini was also a lactation consultant. I remembered a lot of information that she shared from my birthing class and applied it to abc. Coconut oil is a must have for this time. The oil is ok for them to digest and it provides great moisture for your nipples which is crucial to preventing chapping.

    Once they’re on an nursing, they may stay awake, they may fall asleep but keep them on the boob until they fall off. Depending upon how their weight gain is, you may need to take their clothes off so they’ll wake up and finish nursing. Falling asleep on the boob is normal and ok. Just keep offering until they finish nursing. You may end up feeling like there’s no point in wearing a shirt and you’re right, there isn’t lol.

    Pumping Tips

    Pumping is a necessary evil if you’re going back to work, don’t want want/can’t breastfeed, or plan on leaving baby with a sitter for a bit. I personally hate pumping but it wasn’t so bad the second round. I used the Medela Freestyle and a hands-free bra. These two things made pumping bearable. When I was working in corporate I would pump twice a day for 20 minutes. I would use the little let down button 3 times per pump session and on average, I got about 8oz per pump. If you can, keep your body on the 3 hour pump schedule. I couldn’t so I pumped every 4 hours and then nursed her as soon as I got home. In the beginning, I would keep her pictures around me. As I got used to it, I used that time to catch up on Facebook, Instagram, text messages, phone calls, anything that relaxed me. Relaxation is key for pumping. Because having these two suction things pulling at our boobs isn’t the most comfortable, it can be difficult so do whatever it is that makes you relax while you pump. Get a manual pump as well. This is good because sometimes your body will respond more favorably to that. I actually prefer the hand-pump to the electronic one. And learn to hand express. I would get an extra ounce minimum from hand expression. And the days that I would forget my pump parts I didn’t have to worry because I could hand express easily.

    Boosting Your Supply

    This is a big thing. The main factors of a reduced milk supply are:

    • hormones (menstruation)
    • stress
    • not eating/drinking enough

    We stress about our milk supply dipping which in turn makes it dip more. So be kind to yourself during this time and appreciate what your body is doing. You’re sustaining a whole person with your body. Make sure that you’re getting enough to eat as well. You should be consuming a minimum of 500 extra calories while your baby is exclusively breastfed. On average, you should be drinking a minimum of half your body weight in water. If those things aren’t boosting your supply, try some of these options as well:

    • fenugreek – comes in the form of tablets or tea
    • mother’s milk tea
    • Brewer’s Yeast – tablets… I got mine from GNC
    • oatmeal – I ate this every morning for 5 months… even came up with a recipe for oatmeal pancakes
    • Guiness – Yes, as in beer

    Some Final Thoughts

    I have loved the bond between my daughters and I that the nursing relationship has given us. People will be for your decision or against it but at the end of the day, they don’t matter. Be strong in your decision to feed your baby the best nutrition that you can. Remember that whatever you eat transfers to them and because of this you may have to alter your diet. Less acidic and dairy foods are normally necessary to prevent ill reactions in babies. Some of the myths that I found to be false are that nursing will make you lose all your baby weight (looks down at extra fluff) and that it will prevent ear infections (which it didn’t in either of my girls). Despite these things, I still think it’s the best for them.

    If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me via my Q&A tab or via email

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    The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

    As a wife, mom and woman, my brother has given me the best pieces of advice that I can remember.

    I’m your typical little sister. I think the world of my big brother. Growing up, I thought he could do no wrong. As young adults, I definitely told off quite a few people in defense of him. My parents raised us to be close despite our occasional bickering. I love him so very much and we are so very different.

    morehouse man, spelman woman... i refused to go to college away from my big brother

    morehouse man, spelman woman… i refused to go to college away from my big brother

    The obvious difference is that I’m a female and he’s a male. But he’s also unmarried and has no children. We live totally different lifestyles. I’m a wahm of 2 two who lives in the ‘burbs in the South and he is a world traveler living in the city in New York. We are so opposite that we’re an awful lot a like and I guess that’s why advice from someone who’s so different made so much sense for me.

    You’re Incapable of Creating Relationships that Aren’t Superficial

    At first glance, this is almost an insult. In fact, I’m pretty certain that it was meant as one since he said it to me in one our only adult arguments. I had just graduated college and our family reunion had recently ended. Somehow or another word had gotten back to him that I’d said some things he didn’t like. I don’t remember whether or not I said them but I remember when he told me that I would never be able to have a relationship that meant anything because I lacked the ability to be vulnerable it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. He was right. I’m not that girl who has all these close friends. I don’t keep in touch with people that I went to high school with. Hell, I barely keep in touch with people I went to college. If it weren’t for social media, there’s maybe a handful of people that I would keep in touch with. But what he said to me was right and it stung like hell because it was coming from one of my favorite people in the whole world. It hurt even more because I knew it was true but it was also something that we had in common. The fact that he acknowledged it in me communicated that he HAD to have seen it in him as well and was working to fix it. And now I was alone in this issue.

    After my first half-marathon... He registered for it with me and ran it no questions asked.

    After my first half-marathon… He registered for it with me and ran it no questions asked.

    Sometimes the best advice is the toughest to hear. If I was going to get where I wanted to be in life period I was going to have to be more vulnerable in general. I had the biggest wall up–one sometimes I couldn’t even get past. It wasn’t until I started dating my husband that the wall came tumbling down. But daily I would work at increasing my vulnerability so that I could become better, stronger, wiser.

    Make Your Bed So That You Can Sleep In It

    It was 2008. I knew that I wanted to file for divorce from my first husband. I hadn’t told anyone and finally I broke down on the phone with my brother. Anyone who knows him knows that he’s rather calm, cool, and quite monotone. He speaks very matter-of-fact and simplifies things. After I’d cried my heart out and shared with him my hesitation (see, my ex and I had secretly eloped in 2007 and people slowly found out about it. Doing this caused so much tension in my family! On 8.8.2008, we had a public ceremony and reception. My family still pretty much hated me–and him. The whole thing was rather ridiculous and I’m so happy for divorce! I digress…) in filing, he asked me what I wanted to do without thinking of how anyone outside of myself. I wanted the divorce. It was then that he told me that I should do whatever it is that I wanted to do. It was my life and I should do what I wanted with it. He told me, “You’re the only one who sleeps in your bed at night with your decisions. Fuck what anyone else thinks. Make your bed so that you can sleep in it at night. Everyone else will be sleeping peacefully in their own.” This has gotten me through so many decisions in my life.

    You’re Not A Terrible Mom, Every Baby Either Falls Or Is Dropped

    Oddly enough, when mini fell the very first time, it was my brother I wanted to talk to. Again, with tears streaming down my face I told him about how I turned my back literally for a second and mini reached for something next to the bed and down she went. I cried longer and harder than she did. In fact, my crying made her stop. After I told him about how horrible of a mother I was because she’d had a tumble, he asked me if she bounced. LOL!!! I still laugh at this! Granted, he has no children but he’s everyone’s God-father and babysitter so he does know a little something about babies. He laughed as I got myself together and reminded me about how my dad dropped me when he was throwing me up in the air and how I turned out just fine and that more importantly, mistakes happen and that doesn’t make me a terrible mom. Now as a mom to abc, I was able to share this with the hubs when she rolled off the

    my college graduation

    my college graduation

    bed on his watch.

    There Is No Competition For Which Mom Is the Toughest 

    I cried the first time I dropped abc off for daycare. It was a half day and I went on a field trip with mini. But I couldn’t keep it together. After I’d dropped her off, I made the mistake of going back in and checking on her and she was crying. My baby was crying!!! I calmed her and left but I called my brother in the car. The tears came and there was nothing I could do. After my brother listened to me fumble over an explanation about why I was crying and how I knew I shouldn’t be crying he simply said, “It’s ok to cry. This is your baby and you love her. Once you become a mom there’s no competition for the toughest moms or the ones who don’t cry.” The fact that he was able to normalize it for me and then make me laugh by reminding me of the times when my mom dropped us off is amazing to me.

    My brother has never been a mother. He’s never been a wife. He’s never been a woman. But he’s given me the best advice in the world for me to tackle these roles. For this I’m grateful. I know that my days of calling him in tears aren’t over but I know that more sound advice is waiting for me on the other end of the line.

    What great advice has been given to you over the years? Who did it come from?

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    Vloggy Vlog Alert! Sunday Inspirational Nugget

    One of the big goals of my site is to inspire others. So beginning this week, I’ll be writing/vlogging some inspirational nuggets!

    Have a great week!

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    “Happy” 4th!



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    The Current State of Affairs

    Churches are being burned down. Not just any churches but the black churches that are staples to our community. It’s hard for me to string together words to write something that is both reflective of how I feel yet “appropriate” for my site. But I can’t not address this. Yes, I’m a “mommy blogger” but I’m black first. And my people are being targeted.

    This is wrong.

    On so many levels.

    First the executions of our people at the hands of the people who are supposed to be “protecting and serving” us. Someone who’s no longer on my friends list pointed out that if they weren’t doing the things they weren’t supposed to be doing they might still be alive today. Remove Friend Yes, effective immediately. The troubling thing about this is that so.many.people possess this state of mind. IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!! In this great nation of America I thought that we were innocent until proven guilty. I thought that the jobs of cops were to “protect and serve”. Isn’t that what’s written on their badges or somewhere? And I thought that it was their jobs to bring the ALLEGED in so that they could stand an unfair trial. But because of their skin color they aren’t given the same rights, their executioners are celebrated and my people are left tired, helpless, and painted negatively as we express frustration.

    And now. Now we have a five year old little girl who has survived a massacre where the shooter is known yet he’s still given all the rights that my people are denied. He has murdered NINE people that prayed for him and wished him nothing but health and healing less than an hour before taking their last breath. Not only is he not shot and killed on the spot, he’s given a bullet proof vest and taken to Burger King on the way to the precinct. Yet MY people are killed for selling loosey’s they couldn’t find, crossing the street, playing with a fake gun in a store, being black.

    How do you NOT see the injustice here?

    Dylan killed 9 people in cold blood in the spirit of the Confederate flag. NINE LIVES. And now because people want the symbol of hatred for black lives removed from the STATE capitol–not people’s homes or yards–our churches are burning.

    I’m upset. I’m saddened. I’m furious. I’m scared. But I’m hopeful.

    Whatever it is that you do whether it be pray, chant, think positive thoughts please let’s do it. This has got to stop.


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    My Review of Jamberry Nails

    Jamberry Nails… I’d seen them around for awhile before I decided to make the plunge and commitment in purchasing them. I use the terms ‘plunge’ and ‘commitment’ because at $15.00 for a pack, that’s definitely worthy of both those terms. I have no fancy intro here so let’s get on with the review.

    Jamberry Nails in 'Ditzy'

    Jamberry Nails in ‘Ditzy’

    The Concept

    I love it. As a work-at-home-mom, there’s really never a moment that I have where I’m like, “oh you know what I can do right now? I can paint my nails and then sit still for an hour as they dry.” Nope. Doesn’t happen. So the appeal of having my nails done in a fancy style WITHOUT the dry time was certainly appealing. I also love the “Mommy and Me” sets. These are so cute! Mini loves having her nails done in a “pattern” and loves it even more when we match.

    In Real Life

    I’m not going to lie, my overall feeling for these Jamberry decals is one of disappointment. They market that the decals will stay on your nails for up to 2 weeks. Welp, 2 hours after I put mini’s on they were off. And it wasn’t just hers. The first time I did mine, they lasted MAYBE 3 days–and that’s a big maybe. I thought maybe I’d put them on wrong even though I spent about 5 minutes burning my fingertips with my hair dryer to make sure the adhesive on the decal adhered to my nail. It took about 20 minutes for me to put them on mini and then another 20 to put them on me.

    The Pros

    • The designs – Some of these are just downright breath-taking. I purchased the Ditzy, Orchid Boutique, and the combo pack of the Leo, Geo & Lace for myself and the Little Lady for mini. It was so hard to make a decision with all the different designs they offer.
    • Fast Shipping
    • The “Mommy & Me” combinations
    • The ease of purchase

    The Cons

    • Leo, Geo and Lace aka My Fave

      Leo, Geo and Lace aka My Fave

      The price. $15 for 1 packet seems a bit absurd. They run the special of the B3G1F but $45? Not for nails that don’t live up to their promise.

    • The application. I’m not sure if I have fingerprints anymore or if they’ve been burned off since I did 2 applications of them. After you cut the decals you have to heat them prior to application. And then you have to heat them again when they’re on your nails. Mini couldn’t stand the heat and honestly neither could I. It hurt.
    • They didn’t stay on or live up to the guarantee–which is also flawed. I have 30 days to try on $45 worth of nails to see if I like them. What? I know that most women change their minds faster than a chameleon can match his surroundings but sheesh. I’ve had mine for more than 2 months and I’m just getting around to trying the second set! This should be at least a year long guarantee at the minimum.
    • They don’t fit. I’ve taken to cutting slits in them to make them fit my nails and they still bubble! I fried my cuticles trying to get that adhesive on my nails but to no avail. The bubble won out.
    • They just don’t have lasting power. I put on the favorites that I bought–Leo, Geo & Lace (because who doesn’t love lace and leopard print together?). It took almost an hour to try and get them on and situated. I took a shower and my pinkie popped off. I washed my hair and half my middle finger peeled. I braided it and my pointer was gone. Sadness and sorrow filled my heart as I watched my beautiful nails that were supposed to stay on for TWO WEEKS dwindle away in mere hours.

    Overall rating – Disappointment

    Have you tried Jamberry Nails? What was your experience?

    **I haven’t received any monies or products for this review. I purchased these and these are my own thoughts.**

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    Guest Post: Time Saving Tips For Natural Cleaning

    Please welcome Ms. Edna Thomson to The Crunchy Mommy as today’s guest poster.

    "Broom, sponge and towel" by Chuck Marean - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -,_sponge_and_towel.jpg#/media/File:Broom,_sponge_and_towel.jpg

    Having a sparkling clean and shiny house is essential for creating a comfortable home environment. Nowadays you can choose among a wide range of options when cleaning products are concerned. Commercial cleaners will certainly do a great job, however, if you search for cost effective solution that will still help you to clean your home in an outstanding way, there is nothing better than natural cleaning.

    Before applying all homemade cleaning methods that you already know, you need to be acquainted with some excellent time saving tips that will make the cleaning process easier. Around your working schedule and other duties, you probably lack time to devote on cleaning procedures. Do not feel disturbed by this fact – thanks to these wonderful tips you will manage to catch up with the chores and to save up a lot of time. Switching to natural cleaning may be weird at the beginning, however, you will soon understand that this cleaning method.

    Here are some wonderful time saving tips:

    Stick to a Few Natural Cleaners

    You will save time when you choose just a few recipes when providing a cleaning at home. There is no need to use a different cleaner for every chore, this will only make the process of cleaning more complicated and tiring. Pick two or three recipes and apply them on a regular basis. Avoid those ones that require many ingredients – as long as you have baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice, you will be able to clean the surfaces in a perfect way. The all-purpose cleaning sprays are easily prepared and they are suitable for cleaning of sinks cabinets and counter-tops. Focus on simpler recipes that require less time and investments. I assure you that they do a great job.

    Label Your Cleaners

    Labeling the cleaners with the recipe will definitely saves you a lot of time. Instead of wondering what ingredients are used for the cleaner, you can quickly take a look at the lines that you had already written. Apart from this, you won’t wonder what is it inside the container, every time you need to use it. A simple label with the instructions written helps a lot.

    Put the Bottles Near Where They Will Be Used

    In case you are used to doing last minute cleaning, leaving the bottles in the areas that are cleaned daily will prove to be time efficient. If you want to start with the bathroom or kitchen cleaning immediately, keep a bottle of all-purpose spray close to that areas so that you could start with a deep cleaning whenever you want. Another useful tip is to store some vinegar or baking soda in the bathroom cabinet whenever you need to apply quick and effective cleaning.

    These are some useful cleaning tips that will definitely save you up a lot of time and will allow you to manage with the cleaning tasks easily, even when your schedule is tight. Natural cleaning has many benefits and one of the most important is that it will protect you from chemical exposure. Go green and lock all the commercial cleaners in the cabinet. Do not hesitate to prepare your natural cleaning kit and keep in mind the tips mentioned above. Your home will be cleaned and you will be able to manage with the chores quickly and effectively.

    Edna Thomson

    Edna Thomson

    This article is written by Edna J. Thomson.

    She works as a manager of TenancyCleaners

    Cricklewood and loves to share interesting tips.

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    The Day I Realized I’m An Awesome Mom

    I’m pretty sure that everyday I battle with questioning myself and if what I’m doing for my girls is right or enough or healthy, etc. I’ve been told that this is actually a sign of a good mother. After having abc, I had some trouble adjusting to being a mom of two. There were lots of tears, lots of questions, lots of my husband reassuring me that I’m doing a great job.

    But then one day it hit me: I’m a REALLY good mom. Like an amazing one.


    It was the day of abc’s 3 month check-up. I had just gone back to work but I had both the girls home with me after the appointment. While abc napped, mini watched her and I snuck in a deadly quick stair workout. Abc was in and out of a nap in her rocker but she was visibly uncomfortable. I wanted to pick her up and snuggle her but I had already started on unbraiding mini’s hair so that we could re-do it. We were sitting on the floor, mini in between my legs and abc in her rocker by my feet. I sat there and rocked her back to sleep with my foot while mini fell asleep on my legs with me unbraiding her hair. That’s when it clicked for me. I’m a great mom.

    The more important realization for me was that I don’t have to be perfect in order to be great. How I am right now is more than enough for my kids. I don’t put their needs before mine as I think that’s a disaster waiting to happen but I take care of them to the best of my ability. They are happy, well-fed, developmentally ahead of their curves, and well-adjusted. Of course I can’t take credit for ALL of that but I can take credit for most of it as I’m the primary influencer in their lives.

    Being a good mother isn’t about perfection. It isn’t about spending all day on Pinterest projects or keeping up with the proverbial Jones’ for the looks of things. Being a good mother is doing what needs to be done with the warmth of a mother’s love. Did it hurt to sit on the floor and rock on baby while trying to do another sleepy baby’s hair? Absolutely. My hips and abs were (are) still healing but in that moment, I was what my girls’ needed.

    I think one of my biggest fears in being a mom (outside of me losing them) is not being able to be what they need. That moment sitting on the floor gave me the confirmation that I needed that I am and can be whatever they need in whatever moment they need me. Will it be easy? Not all the time but that doesn’t mean that I can’t suck up the moments of discomfort to care for my girls. And this makes me feel like a really amazing mother.

    How secure are you with your role as a parent? What “a-Ha” moments have you had to affirm that you’re an awesome parent?

    **Housekeeping!!! Don’t forget to enter the Microsoft Surface 3 Giveaway!**

    ***If you’re interested in the group accountability for the weight-loss, don’t forget to send me your pictures to to be posted on Friday!***

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    Sleep Baby, Sleep

    sleep babyI never had to sleep train mini but abc? Well, she’s another deal altogether. I don’t believe in the Cry It Out (CIO) method nor does it work for us. I believe that babies cry for a reason and that it’s our job as their protectors to stop them from crying and teach them to self-soothe–but not by just leaving them to cry. And the CIO method doesn’t work for us. Hearing my babies cry hurts me physically and abc is rather persistent when crying.

    I think that we’re having to sleep train with abc because we never had a sleep routine with her. With mini, I was diligent. Every night it was the same thing–still is: bath, book, song, to bed. When she was nursing, we would read while nursing and then sing and possibly dance. With abc, she signals she’s ready for bed, we nurse and she’s knocked out. It works on most nights but every now and again it becomes trouble. Because we won’t always be nursing, a sleep routine is super important to let her know it’s time for bed.

    Here is the sleep routine that we’re trying out:

    Bath/Wipe Down

    We don’t give her a bath every night as it’s not good for her skin but we will wipe her down on the non-bath evenings. After being washed, she gets “greased” down with her baby butter that I made along with a nice, calming massage.


    I’m learning that her attention span is a little shorter than mini’s. I used to read “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” to mini nightly–abc nearly tore the book apart as I read it to her last night. But she loves being read to so I’m going to find another rhyming book that’s a big shorter.


    My kids have no standards for singing. They love my voice. For some odd reason, me singing to them is soothing for them. And I say odd because it’s not like I sang when they were in my belly. And my singing voice is way higher than my talking voice. And it cracks. Although they have no standard, singing will be apart of the routine. Either “You Are My Sunshine” or “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. I love both of those.


    I’ve gotta make sure the belly is nice and full! Right now we’re in the process of night weaning so I try and make sure that she gets nursed at her bed time and then before I go to bed. This way she ends up sleeping longer. Right now we’re averaging 6 hours. For a 22lb baby I think she should be going longer but that’s just me… Nonetheless, night weaning will hopefully be completed this week.

    I’m going to try and make this our routine for naps as well. She’s rather consistent in letting me know when she’s sleepy since she tries to bite my face off during that time. It’s like she goes from my sweet, little gizmo to a full out gremlin in 2.7 seconds flat. I’m always left pulling her off my face wondering who through the bucket of water on my precious baby.

    What sleep routines do you have in place for your babies?

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