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    5 Workout Essentials

    Disclaimer: I received the Joylink Jogging Belt in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own–yes, I really love it!

    I may not be the one in the cutest outfit at the gym, but I’m always prepared to get my workouts in. For the past couple of months, my gym game has been consistent and I’m down a total of 15lbs since the beginning of September. Of course in my head, all my weight should be gone but I digress. If it weren’t for these 5 items (and the 2 hours at the gym being the only me time I get during the day), I wouldn’t be able to transform into beast mode while there.

    5 fitness essentials

    1. My Phone

    This is super obvious right? Honestly, I go nowhere without it. I have the iPhone 6+ since I thought a phablet was more appropriate for my lifestyle. Prior to working out, I normally consult one of my fitness Pinterest boards to help me come up with a way to kill myself in the gym. I’ll normally screenshot whatever workout I’m doing so I can quickly access it mid-workout. While I’m working out, I HAVE to listen to music. I normally will have one of the perfectly tailored playlists on Songza or I’m listening to Kevin Hart radio on Pandora–yes, I’m the strange lady in the gym randomly laughing.

    2. Earbuds

    I do love some of the Beats-style headphones, but the earbuds feel like they were made with my ears in mind. My favorite? The standard issued Apple earbuds. These never slip out of my ears and I like to have the mic just in case I get a call (I never answer the phone but in the highly unlikely event I do want to talk to the caller, I have that option) and need to chat. Or a more likely use is for when I’m on Periscope during my workouts. How crazy would I look just holding my phone up and talking WITHOUT earbuds?!

    3. FitBit Surge

    fitbitI did a review of my FitBit Surge awhile back and I am still rocking it hard. In my opinion, unless it’s tracked on the FitBit, it
    didn’t happen. I love how they’ve added some new features for those of us who do interval training. My workouts are more often than not a HiiT workout so I’m constantly tracking the time. They have a new stopwatch/timer feature that is AWESOME! The only downfall is that it doesn’t work in the exercise more.Womp.

    4. Water Bottle

    I know–obvious right? Well, as Chris in the cafe reminds me every time I buy a bottle of water, it’s not so obvious. But it’s way better for both your pockets and the environment. My gym recycles which is really great (I am green after all) BUT it doesn’t replace a reusable bottle. Glass and aluminum bottles are the best but if you’re going for plastic, make sure it’s BPA free. Also, the best way to clean your water bottles is with some vinegar and warm water. This will disinfect your bottle safely. The more you know…

    5. Joylink Jogger Belt

    running beltI know what you’re thinking–fanny packs haven’t been in since America’s Best Dance Crew. This is NOT a fanny pack. I opted to go with a waist pack over an arm band for a couple reasons. Having the 6+ means that my phone is huge. How distracting would it be having this huge phone on my arm as I’m trying to look like I know what I’m doing at the gym? No one would be able to focus on my questionable form with a phone looking like it’s about to go-go-gadget me into something on my arm. It’s too big giggle. The second reason is because I normally have my keys with me and that’s a lot to carry around in the gym. I literally pray my keys don’t get left or lost at the gym. While it’s not a fanny pack, the waist pack features a stretchy waistband that even makes my chub look slender, a touchscreen friendly outer cover, a place for my headphones to come through and a space to hold my keys. Even better is I have the option of wearing it under or over my clothes–depending on my level of geek-look I’m going for that day.

    If I don’t have my 5 essential items, I’m a discombobulated mess which is the very anti these of how I’m trying to look in the gym.

    What are you “must-haves” for your workouts?

    Product Review: FitBit Surge

    I am a junkie of many things… makeup, purses, fabric, gadgets, etc. But one of my favorite things to have are these wearable pedometers. The first one that I had was the Nike FuelBand and after that one broke, I moved to the Jawbone UP. The UP band was pretty cool and I liked it alright. In fact, I was just going to get another one instead of the FitBit Surge but my UP bands kept on breaking so I figured that was a sign.

    I wasn’t even going to get another one of these watches since they didn’t tell me the time and they kept breaking AND the iWatch was making it’s debut. I’m also an Apple gadget junkie. But after reading everything about the FitBit Surge on the FitBit site, I decided to go ahead and get the Surge. my dashboard

    Per the FitBit website, the Surge has the following features:

    • GPS Tracking
    • PurePulse Heart Rate
    • All-Day Activity
    • Multi-Sport
    • Long Battery Life
    • Notifications + Music
    • Auto Sleep + Alarms
    • Wireless Syncing

    I’ve had my FitBit Surge for a couple of months and I still think it’s one of the better purchases that I’ve made. Here’s what I love:

    • Text Message Notifications I hate when I’m working out and my phone alerts are going off but I don’t know if it’s important or not. As a mom, I don’t have the luxury of just sending calls or texts to silent and not doing anything with them. If there’s an emergency with my kids, I can easily see what the messages are saying since they scroll across my watch OR I can just ignore a message and continue my workout. I love this feature.
    • It’s A Watch The UP band was cool but it didn’t do the basic function of telling time. I love that it gives me the time! So basic but I love it.
    • Tracks My Workouts AND My Steps I don’t have to use my phone to log workouts since I can just specify what workout I’m doing on my wrist. This is so convenient for me.
    • All Day Tracking of My Pulse This isn’t important to most but it is to me since I like to see what my heartrate is doing. I found out not too long ago that I have a heart condition where I essentially have a leaky valve. It’s not something to worry about (so they say) but now I feel better knowing what’s going on with my beats. I’m also a super anxious person so I have a visual that reminds me to calm down.
    • I Can Compete Against Others I’m super competitive and I love that I can challenge my friends in various competitions. It makes it so that it’s a community thing to get your steps in which I’m all for.
    • It Tracks Your Sleep Automatically By the end of my days I can barely remember to take my clothes off for bed–I certainly can’t remember to turn my watch on sleep mode but this does it for me. I love this.
    • The App is Lovely It really is. You can track your food intake, water, etc and it calculates how many calories you need to consume based upon your activity for the day.
    • It Takes Into Account That I’m Nursing Yep. This is the only app that I’ve seen that does this. It auto adjusts my caloric intake based upon that I’m a nursing mom. I’m SOOOOOOO here for this!!!!
    • You Choose Your Goals They can be activity time, steps, calories but it’s up to you. This is awesome.
    now up on the fitbit site...

    now up on the fitbit site…

    As much as I love my Surge, there are a couple of drawbacks from it:

    • The Wristband This thing is soooooo bulky and sooooo not meant for sensitive skin. My skin is always getting chaffed. It was so bad I had to go about a month without wearing it! That and it’s pretty mannish looking.
    • Alarms I chronically sleep through alarms. Like I can never wake up for them ESPECIALLY this one! The buzzing is so soothing I swear it just makes me sleep harder! I’d also like to see a reminder to get moving if I’ve been idle for 30 minutes.
    • It’s Not Waterproof I love swimming but I can’t wear this in the water and I hate that.



    Do you wear a smart watch/wearable pedometer? If you’re a FitBit user, add me as thecrunchymommy!

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