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    Hacks for a Healthy Halloween From a 12-Year-Old Nutrition Expert

    Hey guys, Kai here from Generation Kai with some healthy tips for this Halloween season. Although Halloween is not my favorite holiday, (I personally like Christmas the best) I do enjoy putting on a Halloween costume and going around the neighborhood with my friends. I am really into skateboarding right now so I decided to go as Bart Simpson and skate around my neighborhood collecting my goodies. My Mom’s being the doctor and holistic nutritionist that they are, make Halloween fun for us but also educational.

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    How To Make Halloween Funnier With Freebies

    Please give a warm welcome to Donna Thompson who submitted this post just in time for Halloween!

    Halloween is one of the most interesting and sometimes controversial holidays in the year. This also means it’s the perfect time to let your creativity off the leash with fun treats and crafts that make for ideal family time. Not sure what you can whip up this Halloween? No worries, I’ve got you covered!

    Making Halloween Fun {And Funnier} This Season

    Planning to organize a super fun and spooky party that will be talked about for a long time? Of course you are! These scary and multi-functional Halloween stickers can definitely come in handy. And since Halloween is just around the corner and preparation are at full speed, don’t panic if you haven’t figured out all the details. Here is a list of how to use these stickers and give your Halloween celebration a final touch:

    Halloween comes once a year and kids are ready to have a good time. Get ready to deliver on their expectations with these freebies!

    1. DIY spooky bags, cans, and jars with treats.

    Painting the old jars and cans in Halloween colours and adding these stickers to them is maybe a simple but very amusing craft project.

    2. Decorating the Halloween- themed party.

    Add stickers to the dinner table name tags, napkin holders or simply all hang them on the curtains.

    3.Include stickers to your Halloween costume design and make it more colorful.

    4. Halloween door decoration.

    Add stickers to the cardboard and hang them on the door. The doors decorated in this way will not be left unnoticed.

    5. Decorating your kid’s lunch box.

    Your child will be thrilled to have this addition on their snack boxes and you’ll naturally be labeled the cool mom!

    Download these fun and free stickers, print them out on self-adhesive or regular paper and enjoy this Halloween with your kids in the funniest way.

    How do you and your family plan to celebrate Halloween?


    The Day Dejavu Taught Me A Wonderful Life Lesson

    So often we rush through life without paying attention to moments that seem little but become bigger and more impactful with the help of dejavu.

    It is the little things in life that really stay with you. Those small moments that you take for granted or that seem so insignificant that they seem fleeting. These are the times we need to hold on to. These are the times that teach us our life lessons. These are the moments we should be living for. The little brackets of time that will forever stay suspended in our minds as a reminder of what is important.

    My Memories

    Growing up I didn’t have a father. (A completely different blog post!) I was never “Daddy’s little girl” . My grandfather was a big influence in my life, though. I remember when I was 5 years old, my family moved upstairs from my grandparents.  We shared meals together.  We played games. We watched television.  And every Wednesday,  when Grandpa would come home from work, he would bring two hot dogs: one for me and one for him. We would sit in his kitchen and I remember thinking he was the smartest man in the world. We would talk about science,  or math, or anything that deemed educational.  I lived for Wednesdays. Wednesdays with Grandpa.

    I can still remember to this day learning how the earth revolves around the sun. And how North America is closest to the sun during our winter but ,because we are at a certain angle, our temperatures are not as warm as the summer time. I can still remember how that information blew my mind (and it still does)! I also can still feel how my five year old self felt having my grandfather talk to me like such an adult . That more than anything had a huge impact on my life.

    So often we rush through life without paying attention to moments that seem little but become bigger and more impactful with the help of dejavu.

    The Beauty of Dejavu

    A few weeks ago I lived a sort of sentimental dejavu. My father in law came over with two doughnuts: one for him and one for my oldest to share. (My youngest is still too little to enjoy these sweets . Perhaps one day.) They sat at the dining room table and talked about topics here and there.  All while enjoying a doughnut.

    That’s when the dejavu appeared.  I smiled, with some tears in my eyes, and looked upwards. My heart said a quiet thank you to my grandfather.  Not just for the memories that I kept close to my heart. But that my children will get to experience the same joy and happiness that was given to me.

    Our Loved Ones Are Always With Us In Memory

    I always feel my grandfather near me. Things happen all the time and I know he is there. He has been gone almost three years and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him or ask him for his guidance. Sure, he was one tough cookie and there were times where we disagreed. But one thing can be said of him: he was there. That is one thing my five year old self will never forget. And I know he had a hand in the doughnuts my father in law shares with them. That was my grandpa.

    So often we rush through life without paying attention to moments that seem little but become bigger and more impactful with the help of dejavu.

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    Guest Post: Tips for Truly Loving Yourself at Any Age

    It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my long-time friend Golda Smith. She’s a mom of 2 and mompreneur. She is the owner of FitMommyBlog and is an inspiration to living a healthy lifestyle.

    I have to be 100% with you so I hope that’s all right. I. AM. TIRED. of women constantly apologizing for their bodies. You know the ones who before posting a photo on Instagram or some other social media hot spot say something like “I feel so embarrassed posting this” and then go on to EXPLAIN why they are embarrassed! Listen, I am 43 years old, I have gone through and given birth twice, have stretch marks and when I go into downward facing dog my loose skin…hangs.
    This is me and I make NOT ONE SINGLE apology and neither should you. I am not the same person I was in my 20’s or 30’s. Depending on where you are on the age spectrum you understand that physically, bodies change and boobs droop. Emotionally and mentally, hopefully, mindsets expand and shift.

    While I could talk to you all day long about developing killer arms, and strong flat or flattish core and lifting that booty I prefer to talk about what many health professionals and people in general don’t and that is the importance of developing a healthy mindset.
    For most of my life I have been inconsistently active while being consistently unhappy and depressed. Even after birthing two beautiful human beings I was still depressed only with the added pressure of not screwing up these perfect blessing from God. Starting a regular fitness routine was my therapy! It was my time to clear my mind, and accept myself with all my quirks and imperfections.
    So how did it happen? These are two tips that I want to share with you so you can really love yourself, smile more (and mean it), and truly live a fulfilled life:
    Let go of attachments to outcomes. We’ve all done it! I’ll use fitness since so many of my clients deal with this daily. You may have a goal of releasing that baby weight you’ve held onto for the last two years and have a flat stomach and of course you want to accomplish this in the next four weeks. You start your program and even attempt to eat better. You jump on the scale every morning…mistake but that’s another article and after a week you don’t see any change and you begin to feel discouraged. The moment you let that self-defeating thought into your mind is the moment you will not achieve your goal.Instead of being attached to the end goal, learn to fall in love with the process. Love the rituals and the actions that will lead you to achieving that goal because when you are doing things that make you feel good, you will inevitably attract more of it.

    The second thing is to stop the comparison game! Why on earth do we do it to ourselves and I say “we” because I’m right there with you. We live in a world dominated by shorter and shorter attention spans, conversations that take place via emojis, 15 second videos and filtered photos. It’s easy to compare yourself to the “perfect” looking Instagram body but what you don’t see are all the meals she may be binge eating and throwing up. You may not see the tears she cries because she doesn’t feel worthy enough YET here we are wishing we had her thighs, abs, discipline, etc.

    What I know for sure is that we all have something we would like to change but as I grow older I have come to accept much more of myself than ever before. I don’t want to be anyone but me. I am stronger now than I was when I was clubbing just about every weekend in college. Where depression once lived, love radiates and it is my mission to help other women accept themselves just as they are because in the end, we aren’t supposed to be carbon copies. The masterpiece is more than enough!

    #Guest Post: Top 5 Reasons to Workout With Your S.O.

    Please give a warm welcome to my friend Carla! She is the owner of The Loc Doc and a certified personal trainer as well as a comedian who missed her calling. Check out these tips that she shares below on why to work out with your significant other and join me in congratulating her on her engagement! I guess all those pheromones worked in her favor! 

    Couples that workout together, stay together. I know, I know, it is so cliché… but it is true. I love to workout. On Facebook, some might even be annoyed by my daily gym selfies and check-ins. Working out is a part of who I am. So, it’s no surprise that I fell in love with a man who shares the same passion for weights and cardio. In fact, our love blossomed at the gym. It is where we would meet at least 4 times a week for the first two months after our first date. Though it wasn’t my intention, working out, instead of going out, took off the normal pressure that usually comes with dating. No pressure to look cute (but it helped that I did wear cute workout clothes). No pressure to being calm, cool, and collected. No pressure of being a “lady” (I am a beast in the gym.). No pressure at all. So after the love grew and we became officially a couple, I realized that working out must be a permanent part of our relationship.

    There are millions of reasons why working out is beneficial to relationship, here are my top 5:

    1. Working out with your significant other is motivating. There is nothing more motivating than hear the person you love say, “One more. You can do it.” I am always pushing my man to do one more rep or to go one more mile. It helps because you know the person is doing it with love. Added bonuses? You never have to ask a stranger to spot you.

    2. Those pheromones are real. I tell my boyfriend all the time that it wasn’t me but the pheromones from my sweat that really got him hooked. Pheromones can act as powerful catalysts of sexual attraction. It is scientific.

    3. It is accountability at its finest. You can lie to your friends about working out, especially if they don’t see you. But if your accountability partner is your mate, how can you lie to them? Trust me, the guilt is real when you miss a workout and your partner calls you out on it. And to be honest, sometimes that is just the nudge you need to stay on your workout game. My man asks me about my workout, my diet, and his all too favorite, “have you been drinking water today?” He knows my weaknesses and that is what keeps me strong.

    4. Your partner understands the importance of your routine and healthy lifestyle. If you are working out together, then your partner can appreciate your gym routine, diet, and everything else that comes with it. For example, Dav understands that Monday through Friday my diet is pretty clean…but on the weekend, I like to indulge in a few goodies (there is science behind it, but that is a different post for a different day). But he understands my diet and doesn’t chastise me because he knows come Monday, I am back on it. I also thinks he doesn’t say anything because he has seemed to adopted my way of eating too.

    5. Sometimes working out is like sex, with clothes on. If you are a gym enthusiast or have only been one time, it is hard to ignore the grunting noises made by the folks working out. Well, multiply that my 1,000 has you are laying on the bench trying lift and your man is standing right over you. You are pushing the bar up trying to complete that last rep and he is looking down on you telling you that you can do it. You are sweating. You are breathing hard. Your pheromones are intertwining…(it just got REALLY hot at my laptop). Need I say more?

    Outside of the obvious health reasons for working out, these are some great reasons to get sweaty with your significant other.

    Do you workout with your babe, boo thing, bae? Check out my video as my husband and I worked out together yesterday here