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    The TCM 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

    It really feels like the year has just started but alas, here we are at the gift-giving season! I really wanted to do like a thousand and one gift guides but I settled on one that was really family focused that have some additional categories for the different people in your lives. So let’s get started with the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!!!

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    Fitness Junkie Gift List

    Yay!!! Christmas time is here!!! Which means gifts–either given of received!

    Sure, most others have already dropped their own gift lists already but I’m a last-minute shopper sooooo I’m putting my gift lists up last-minute too ha!

    These gifts are great for those who are just beginning their journeys or those who are well seasoned.

    Wishing you all theHope, Wonder and Joy that the Season can bring!

    Gifts for the Fitness Junkie

     1. A Great Water Bottle

    Hydration is key in both weight loss and fitness. Water is key in fueling your body and keeping it running like a well-oiled machine.

    2. Headbands

    I hate having hair falling into my face when I’m trying to stay focused on my workout. It’s hard enough to stop daydreaming about naps, no need to make it harder with hair all over the place!

    3. Cute Workout Clothes

    I know, this sounds sooooo shallow. I was just telling the hubs how much better I feel about my workouts when I look good. In the professional settings they always say to dress the part you want–this applies here as well!

    4. Delfin Spa Pants

    I love my pants and who couldn’t afford a little extra help in shaving down the inches? I know I am HAPPILY taking all the help I can get–especially since they work! I recommend getting two so that they can alternate wearing them.

    5. FitBit Surge

    I LOVE my FitBit Surge! Outside of them having quality products that help get/keep you active, their customer service is amazing.

    6. Workout Bag

    I didn’t know the importance of a good workout bag until I tried packing one and was in need of more compartments to organize my things.

    7. Wrap Towel

    I wouldn’t say I was a prude but I don’t relish in exposing my body to randoms at the gym. This little towel is the perfect addition to the gym bag that will keep discretion close by.

    What’s on your Christmas list?

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