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    #NationalSmallBusinessWeek: Say Yes To You

    Everyone knows someone is real estate. There’s a very low barrier to entry and when done correctly, it’s such a profitable business. In Georgia, you take a 75 hour course either in person or online; take a test; find a broker. I completed the entire process in six weeks and paid less than $1,000. Competing with thousands of other agents who were much more experienced than I was intimidating but back in 2013, I was single and without a child so taking a chance on myself was a no brainer. Two months after decided to go full time as an agent, I found out I was expecting and the inconsistency I was working my business was not an asset to my young family so I put my dream career on hold.

    Saying Yes in Business is Uncomfortable

    Fast forward four years, I received a call from a potential client looking to buy a home within a month. He asked if I could represent him and I said yes without hesitation even though I was not as prepared to take on the work as I appeared to be. At the time, my bank account said he was a God-sent…it was also saying you do NOT have the funds to reactivate your license and pay brokerage fees.

    Yeah! with Confetti

    As small business owners, this is the daily management see-saw we ride. We are constantly determined the best use for limited resources. As a mompreneur, there’s an additional Maslow’s Hierarchy effect. Family always comes first because they are at the base; the basic needs that need to be met. Launching or expanding the business may be viewed as a “self-fulfillment need” or an afterthought. What do you think would happen if you said yes to you this one time before saying yes to your family?

    Saying Yes Is Rewarding

    For me, saying yes to my client and my business equated to a $4,000 commission check. I could have held on to that $200 I used to reactive my license and spent it on about ten different things for my daughter but look at the greater opportunity I would have missed. Sure my story had a happy ending but doing this transaction also provided valuable lessons to represent future clients. We were all placed on this earth with dreams, talents and ambitions. It’s Small Business Week and a time to celebrate who you are and all that you could be in your business. I challenge you to say yes to one thing this week you have be deferring. Invest in you, invest in your business. I truly believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

    Are you a Small Business owner? What are you “Saying Yes” to?

    Say Yes To You

    Buy Small This Holiday Season

    I can barely contain my excitement!!!!

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving–my favorite holiday–and then we all know what happens after that…..SALES!!!! This year I became a small business owner and know intimately the trials and tribulations as well as those incredible highs that come when people purchase your products. My goal is to give that “high” feeling to as many small businesses as I can by shopping only small businesses this holiday season.

    #SmallBusinessSaturday happens this weekend in between #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday. I’ve already done 2 posts on some of the awesome small businesses to support but with the shopping season here, I’ve got an even bigger list for you!!!

    Scents From Heaven

    Scents from Heaven is an all natural luxurious soy candle company providing hand-poured, highly scented soy candles that create a heavenly and relaxing experience. My candles are made with 100% soy wax and do not emit harmful chemicals into the environment. They can also be used as a massage oil.




    Candace Versher is an artist by trade and has turned her passion into her business with the help of Etsy and other sites that make it possible to turn hand-drawn pieces of art into wearable items. Also featured on her Etsy site are handmade earrings, clutches, and more! Check out her sale on Etsy using the coupon code “HELLAGOOD”.



    Splash Design Agency

    Founded by fellow mompreneur Crystal Sinclair, Splash Design Agency is an up and coming web design and branding business.

    Screenshot 2015-11-25 at 9.11.37 PM


    Mama Power Gear

    Started by fellow crunchy mom Anya, Mama Power Gear is a passion project meant to celebrate motherhood and connect moms. She started with a kickstarter and it’s grown from there! She sells a variety of nifty t-shirts, stationary and more!

    Screenshot 2015-11-25 at 9.16.16 PM

    WebsiteFacebook – Instagram

    Fairy Tales Imagery

    Fairy Tales Imagery is a business specializing in conceptual photography and digital illustration art featuring children and YA in fairy tales and storybook fantasy imagery. These are some of the coolest pictures that I’ve seen!

    fairy tale


    DSR Apparel

    DSR Apparel is a women’s t-shirt company that designs tees made to empower women.  I design tees that allow women to express themselves in a powerful, positive way. If you have a woman in your life this is a great place to get fashionable and fierce t-shirts!

    Screenshot 2015-11-25 at 9.34.03 PM


    My Grandmother’s Porch

    This company was started by my fellow Spelman Sister Joslyn Jackson. She makes the cutest wooden yard and home ornaments with a special emphasis on featuring characters. You have GOT to check these out!


    CocoSheaNut by Ayo

    These products are especially good for dry skin, scars/marks and other skin related problems. All the ingredients are ethically sourced and  all the products are handmade. When you see the pictures on her site it looks like whipped heaven!



    Dethra Giles is the both the brains and the beauty behind the premiere performance management consulting firm specializing in Training, Executive Coaching and HR Consulting. They serve as their client’s bridge, their bridge between “I want to be” and “I am.” Dethra is popularly known as the “Distraction Assassin” and gives FREE (yes, free) advice on Periscope every Wednesday at 8am.


    Oh! And let me include a shameless plug for my own business!!!!


    Don’t forget to check out the previous businesses covered last Saturday and the Saturday prior to that!

    Supporting your local and small businesses really makes an impact on the people who are running them so spend your dollars in an impactful way.

    Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!

    Small Business Saturday

    Hello and welcome back to another small business Saturday feature!!!

    I’m excited to share these latest businesses so let’s get started!

    small biz saturday

    Red Velvet Catering & Events

    This company was birthed out of my passion for cooking and serving delicious cuisine. Family and friends noticed and frequently suggested that I take my passion to another level. I resigned from my job and took a leap of faith to start this business. Now I’ve been operating full time since January 2005.

    Red Velvet Catering & Events is an owner operated off-premise catering company that is dedicated to providing exceptional and memorable events in both taste and presentation. We specialize in elegant American cuisine from corporate lunches to elaborate weddings to custom cakes.

    red velvet catering


    oh honey! Skincare

    My name is Brittney and I am a mompreneur. I absolutely love what I do and that’s create all natural products for your skin. So many products out on the shelves now have so many ingredients that are harmful for our bodies in one form or another. This, along with my almost three year daughter skin not liking anything I tried to use on her caused me to start making my own products. That way I know exactly what’s going on my daughters skin and ultimately in her body. It wasn’t long before I decided to share my products with family and friends. After that, I decided to share with everyone and anyone I could and that’s what’s brought me to this point.

    My face and body scrubs are all natural. They contain ingredients you can pronounce and understand. Most importantly, I use the best quality ingredients I can find. Some are local to the Atlanta area but they all are in the rawest, purest, and most natural form so that they will actually provide your skin a benefit. Whether your skin is dry, blemished, dull, flaky, etc….the ingredients in my products will provide a benefit.

    oh honey skincare


    Kitty So Krafty

    Kitty So Krafty was founded by my sister (Diana) and I in Miami, Florida.  We were born in Peru and moved to the U.S. 22 years ago.  We always liked arts and crafts and pretty much doing things with our hands.  We started doing things for ourselves and got many compliments here and there.  We then started doing things for other people, like bracelets and camera strap covers.

    At Kitty So Krafty, we specialize in handmade jewelry, hair bows, and bow headbands.  When coming up with a design or idea, we like to put ourselves on the customer’s shoes and ask “Would I wear this?”  Our handmade jewelry is very trendy, colorful, and strung on a stretch cord for easy on and off.  Our bow headbands and hair bows are sewn for extra security and since we are both Disney fans, you may see a hint of Disney love in our products! Our products are put together in a smoke-free environment.

    kitty so krafty

    Etsy – InstagramFacebook

    Lotus Butter

    Divine intervention for your skin

    With the overwhelming choices of all natural and organic products available on the shelves today, it is hard trying to narrow down what works best for your skin.  So in 2013, Dwan Carter decided to try her hand at creating her own product that way she would always know what is in it, what was going on her skin and where the ingredients came from, truly organic. With less than five readable ingredients her clients know what is going on their skin as well giving them a piece of mind.

    A Brooklyn native and alumna of Spelman College and The University of Georgia she has spent the last eight years in public service field. Helping others prevail against all odds is in her repertoire and with a little tweaking and perseverance Lotus Butter was born chemical, synthetic-free, paraben free and unprocessed.   “I started Lotus Butter in 2013, out of necessity. I was using all types of creams and lotions that were not ideal for my dry skin.” Dwan started making her organic Shea butter infused with essential oils and fragrances in the kitchen of her home with the support of her friends and family.

    lotus butter


    I hope you’re as excited as I am to shop Small Businesses as I am!!!!

    Don’t forget that the Saturday after Thanksgiving is the big “Shop Small Biz Saturday” push so support these small businesses and more!

    Want to be featured as a small business? Shoot me a message to!

    Small Business Saturday

    I love small businesses. Not because I’m a small business owner myself, but also because I know that I’m directly supporting someone with their dream with my purchase. Don’t get me wrong, at any day of the week you can find me at Target or Walmart (two of my FAVORITE places in the world), but these are huge retailers where my hard earned dollar doesn’t make a difference. Plus small business owners offer unique products and services.

    Every Saturday until Christmas, I’ll be featuring 4 small businesses and I’m pretty excited about it!!!! Ok, so let’s get started…

    Kinks, Curls, & Frills

    yep... that's me sporting one of the statement necklaces! cute right?

    yep… that’s me sporting one of the statement necklaces! cute right?

    Kinks, Curls & Frills was started by Aundrea Tabbs-Smith a couple years ago. Aundrea is a school teacher who has always had a flair for jewelry and started making her own. I have loved her designs since she started but I haven’t been able to sport them since I have abc. She recently came out with a line of statement TEETHING necklaces!!! If you know anyone with babies, this is the perfect gift for them. Moms don’t have to sacrifice style because they have a little constantly trying to chew them!!!

    You can find her here: 



    Renee’s Wicked Good Cakes

    Renee is a pediatric nurse at Boston Childrens Hospital by trade but decided to add the title of “Awesome Cake Maker” to her repertoire a couple of years back. Her cakes are beautiful and tasty. How awesome would these cakes be at your next event? Here are a couple samples of her work:

    Renee's Wicked Good Cakes

    Check her out here:

    Furever Fabulous

    Not only does Renee make these fabulous cakes, but she’s a mom too. Wanting to spend more time with her daughter, they worked together to develop a clothing & accessory line for pets. Her daughter learned to sew and is the mastermind behind all the creations. I don’t know her daughter but I’m so proud of her entrepreneurial spirit!!! She makes everything from t-shirts and bracelets to pimping out puppy strollers. Posh right? Check out some of her work:

    furever fabulous

    Her fashions can be found here:
    Began By Hand (yes, she’s in a store!!!!!)

    The Crunchy Mommy Shop

    Yes, that’s my own shop, ha!

    I have a widget to the right that puts up some of my creations in my shop but I wanted to share some of the things that are up and coming for the fall (which is almost over, I know)/Winter seasons! To make sure that your hair and skin survive the dry air that the colder season brings, make sure you’re washing and moisturizing with products from the “What You Shea?” line. There’s a scrub, body wash and whipped hair/body butter designed to smooth and moisturize your skin and hair. Infinity scarves are making their way back so that your necks are kept warm–but not just for adults! Yep, the kids are getting some quality neck coverage as well! One of the things I’m super excited about is the fleece hats that are lined with satin–no more winter hair breakage! Want to keep up with the store as the new items drop or sales happen? Sign up for the newsletter here:

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    the crunchy mommy shop

    For this holiday season and all others, support small businesses!

    Are you a small business owner? Drop me a line at to be featured!