The Crunchy Mommy

Hi and welcome to my little area of the internet!

The Crunchy Mommy (TCM) was birthed after having my second daughter. Anyone who has children knows that they are incredibly expensive so I began making the various things that we needed:

  • my version of the Moby Wrap
  • whipped shea butters for my baby’s eczema
  • baby foods
  • handmade quilts

I was also an avid blogger stemming from my first pregnancy. I’m the writer from “The Mommy Memoirs” and a couple other blogs where I would share my experiences ¬†from single pregnancy to birth to breastfeeding, etc. After much feedback, I’m housing all of these experiences, products, recipes, etc here at TCM.

TCM is a work in progress and it’s something that I’m incredibly excited about. Here are some of the things that will be coming as the site develops:

  • Vlog: I’ll be taking some of my experiences and a mini cooking show to the vlogging platform
  • Shop: Yes! I will be selling the various things that I make starting with whipped body butters for mom & baby, quilts for all, “forever” scarves, personalized mugs, and more! If you have a request prior to this launching, feel free to contact me at
  • Consulting/Freelancing: I have had articles written for other sites (I do write about more than just mommy-related things) and will continue to do so. And I’m also a business development consultant! I’m putting this MBA to use!
  • A Book: I have one in the works right now but who knows if more will come!

Thank you for stopping The Crunchy Mommy’s corner of the internet! I look forward to the things that are coming and sharing them with you!


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