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Know Someone With COVID-19? Here’s How To Help Them

More and more people are testing positive for COVID-19. I know you want to help so here’s what you can do to help those with coronavirus.

All The Home Remedies We Used To Beat COVID-19

At this point, it seems like getting Covid-19 is unavoidable–even when you do everything you’re supposed to. Here’s what we used to beat it.

My Family Was Careful And Guess What? We Still Got Covid-19

Since March 2020, my family has been practicing safe distancing, staying home and wearing masks. But somehow, we still got COVID-19.

6 Key Components To A Sustainable Skin Care Routine

Friends, if you loved Lisa Frank as a kid, it’s time to get your skin care routine down. But first, let’s start with the key components.

Should You Buy A Peloton? Here’s Why I Did And Why You May Want To

Peloton is basically killing the at-home fitness game. But I wasn’t buying at first, however, I had a change of heart and here’s why.

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Recipe: Keto Almond Joy Cookies

Recipe: Keto Almond Joy Cookies

Hi. My name is Aaronica and I'm a self-diagnosed cookie monster. I could literally eat cookies all the time I love them so much. But I've recently made some lifestyle changes and sugar-filled cookies no longer fit in. I thought I was destined to a miserable,...





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4 Herbal Allies to Have on Hand for Lung Health

While ya’ll are stocking up on toilet paper, I’m over here buying and stocking up on herbal allies. In all fairness, I did invest in a bidet. Clean assholes are important, I guess. That said, there are some herbs that are very useful to have when pathogens come around, especially ones that we don’t have an immediate solution for. Will they cure or prevent disease? No. Will they help? For many, most likely. What do you have to lose? Worst case scenario you added some nutrients to your body. Herbs are plants with nutrients after all (i.e. thank you oregano and basil and cinnamon and garlic, etc).

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